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Fruit Diet

Probably, there is not one person who woulddid not like fruit at all. And why not love them? There are no objective reasons. But there are a lot of reasons to really appreciate the fruit. Which one you take, there must be a long list of useful substances and, accordingly, properties. In addition, almost all fruits, except, perhaps, bananas and grapes, are low in calories. And, of course, do not forget that fruits contribute to the elimination of toxins and the purification of the body.

All these properties have inspired dieticians atcreation of a fruit diet. There are several varieties of such diets: mono-diet for three days, diet Joan Lunden, a diet for dried fruits, as well as a diet for fruits, designed to completely change eating habits. Let's consider some of them.

Fruit Diet

It is allowed to eat fresh fruit, cereals forwater without oil, lean meat. Strict menu this diet does not assume, the main thing - to adhere to the given list. However, one can not sit on such a diet for longer than 3 days, since such a diet is by no means balanced. Yes, and often more than once a month is not worth it.

Fruit Diet Joan Lunden

Actress and TV presenter, popular in America,Joan Lunden has developed her own diet based on fruit. It is calculated, as the previous one, for three days. The basis of the diet is such fruits as apples, citrus and kiwi fruit. In this case, we are talking about a clearly written menu for each of the days.

The first day. You need to eat half a small melon and a little yogurt for breakfast. For dinner - a salad of orange, kiwi, and strawberries. Season the salad with low-fat yogurt. Dinner should consist of half a grapefruit, 170 grams of chicken fillet, boiled and vegetable salad with lemon juice. As a dessert you can eat two plums.

Second day. Mix half a cup of any fresh berries and the same number of cereal seeds for breakfast. For lunch - a few slices of pineapple. 170 g of boiled turkey, orange for dinner, two nectarines for dessert.

The third day. 2-3 pieces of watermelon and a pack of natural yogurt for breakfast. For lunch - a banana and a small cup of strawberries, plus apple juice. Dinner: 170 grams of flounder, a little Brussels sprouts, for dessert - berries.

It is not difficult to guess that this diet can not be abused. It will not lead to anything good.


Offers within three days there is onlylow-calorie fruit and water. Liquids should be consumed 1.5-2 liters per day. Unlike other diets, this does not involve breaking down food into several meals. You just need to eat some fruit every time a person feels hungry.

Well, the last fruit diet, whichsuggests simply introducing more fruits into the diet. In fact, fruits are offered to replace all snacks between basic meals. That is, every time a person feels hungry or a desire to eat something tasty, but high-calorie, instead of it it is necessary to eat some fruit.

In this diet, it is permissible to consume fruits in anykind: fresh, canned, in the form of jelly, dried fruits. This diet, ideally, involves a gradual change in eating behavior in principle. That is, a complete rejection of various fast food and sweets in favor of fruit.

Some general recommendations on the fruit diet:

- It is better to eat more high-calorie fruits in the morning;

- Do not limit yourself to the amount of fruit in the first days, so it's a little easier to move the start;

- in days of increased physical activity, it makes sense to eat more fruits than on days when activity is minimal.

Fruit diet is one of the most sparing. It practically does not harm the body, rather it benefits him and allows you to naturally throw off excess pounds.

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