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Why shoot in the ears and what to do?

One of the most painful sensations thathard to endure, is when it shoots in the ears. Such a symptomatology does not always indicate an ear disease, so you should not self-medicate. We need to visit a doctor as soon as possible to diagnose the disease, and then proceed to its treatment. After self-medication can lead to partial or complete deafness or other complications.

shoots in the ears
At what diseases does it shoot in the ears?

Most often, these symptoms indicateear disease - otitis. It can be an inflammation of the middle, inner and outer ear. It is impossible to diagnose the disease independently, especially in children, since they can not accurately explain their feelings and complaints. Despite the fact that adults clearly understand where and how they are hurting, it is impossible to determine a type of otitis without a doctor's consultation, since the symptomatology in many diseases of the ears is similar. And depending on the localization of inflammation, the treatment is radically different. For example, with pain in the outer ear can be managed with the help of drops of "Otipax" and medical tampons. But with the localization of the inflammatory focus outside the tympanic membrane, especially if the process of suppuration begins, almost always prescribe antibiotics in combination with hygienic and medical procedures in the form of ear washing and instillation of medications.

headache and shoots the ear
With internal otitis, the head is very painful andshoots the ear, the body temperature rises sharply, it is impossible to either sleep or eat. To facilitate the patient's condition, the doctor uses a paracentesis overlay - a sagging puncture in the tympanic membrane through which the outflow of accumulated pus occurs. After such procedure there comes relief, and the patient can safely continue the treatment.

Sometimes shoots in the ears because of a banal carious tooth. Therefore, do not neglect regular visits to the dentist.

The chilled facial nerve can also provoke lumbago.

With arthrosis of the facial nerve joint, the patient experiences painful sensations similar to those of otitis.

And this is not a complete list of diseases, withwhich shoots in the ear. How to treat? Naturally, the key to successful recovery is always timely and correct diagnosis. Therefore it is very important not to engage in self-medication, but to turn to a specialist.

shoots in the ear how to heal

Prevention of otitis

Always wear a hat in a coldthe time of the year and not go out in the windy weather immediately after washing your head. If you get cold and you have comorbid symptoms (cough, runny nose, sore throat), try to keep bed rest and make sure that there is no mucus accumulation in the nose. Use vasoconstrictors to ensure that the airways are well ventilated, since a stuffy nose often causes inflammation in the inner ear.

If you still shoot in your ears, do not usedry heat without the appointment of a doctor, because the process can be purulent and warming will exacerbate its course. Remember that your task is not only to get relief from pain, but also to prevent possible complications.

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