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Cream Clothrimazole - instructions for use

How to choose a suitable antifungal agent,if you have thrush? Pay attention to the cream "Clotrimazole". In international medicine, it is known as Clotrimazole, is a very effective antifungal agent.

"Clotrimazole Cream" - instruction

Active substance (INN): clotrimazole

pharmachologic effect

This antifungal agent, related toimidazole group, reduces the synthesis of ergosterol (ergosterol is the main part of the membrane of the microbial wall), which leads to a change in the properties of the cell membrane of the microbial wall and its structure. Interacting with mitochondrial and peroxidase enzymes, the active substance increases the concentration of hydrogen peroxide to a toxic level, and this accelerates the destruction of fungal cells.

Also clotrimazole inhibits the activity of peroxidase. This improves the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in a fungal cell and contributes to its destruction.
The cream "Clotrimazole" also has the following effects:
- anti-amebic;
- antitrichomonadny;
- antibacterial.

Dosage form

Solution, cream and powder (for external use), also a vaginal cream, ointment, vaginal tablets.


It is prescribed for skin mycoses and with urogenitalcandidiasis. "Clotrimazole" cream for thrush is especially effective at the initial signs of the disease. Unpleasant symptoms begin to disappear after the first use of the drug, but both partners should be treated to fix the result.


Cream "Clotrimazole" leads to hypersensitivity during pregnancy (I trimester) and in the menstrual period.

Side effects of "Clotrimazole"

Burning, irritation and peeling of the skin, swelling, erythematous rashes, headache, the appearance of blisters, itching of the skin.

How is the cream "Clotrimazole" applied?

The use is possible in the form of a solution, in the form of an ointment(cream), liquid for spraying or intravaginal tablets. Thin layer of solution or cream spreads the affected areas 2 times a day and rubs smoothly. The treatment period usually takes up to 4 weeks, and in severe cases and more. To avoid the re-occurrence of the disease, treatment can continue for another 3 weeks. Before lubricating the area of ​​application, you should thoroughly wash your hands with soap and warm them in warm water and dry them.

"Clotrimazole" is also used as a drug that cures multicolored lichen. It is applied to areas of the skin for 10 or even more days (with the disease onset, the treatment lasts 3-4 weeks).

How does the drug interact with other drugs?

Dexamethasone inhibits the antifungal effect of clotrimazole when used in large doses.

The high concentration of propyl ether enhances the antimycotic effect of clotrimazole.

Clotrimazole may cause inhibition of the action of other antifungal agents used, and often of polyene antibiotics such as natamycin and nystatin.

How and where to store?

Store in a cool and dark place.

You should know!

  • It is necessary to be afraid of penetration into the eyes!
  • After applying the cream, do not apply occlusive dressings!
  • It is necessary to monitor the liver during treatment with the drug in patients with hepatic insufficiency!
  • When there is no effect for four weeks, you need to confirm the diagnosis! This can be done by passing additional tests.
  • For signs of hypersensitivity or irritation, treatment should be discontinued!

What form of release?

  • The solution is in 15 ml bottles
  • Vaginal tablets (0.1g each) complete with an applicator - 3 packs.
  • Cream (1%) - in tubes of 20 g.
  • Vaginal cream complete with applicator - in tubes of 20 g.


Before you start using the drug "Clotrimazole", you should definitely consult your doctor.

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