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The drug "Clotrimazole" (candles). Instructions for use

The drug "Clotrimazole" is a localantifungal medication, an imidazole derivative. The drug has an effect on various microorganisms. The agent is active against dermatophytes, dimorphic fungi, mold fungi, pathogens of blastomycosis, actinomycetes. Low concentrations of the drug have fungistatic, high - fungicidal effect.

Characterizing the effect of the drug "Clotrimazole"(candles), the instruction for use indicates the ability of the drug to slow the synthesis of ergosterol (the main component in the structure of the fungal cell membrane). The absence of this element provokes destructive changes in the membranes of microbial cells. The drug "Clotrimazole" inhibits the activity of peroxidases. This further facilitates the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the fungal cell, which also contributes to destruction.

The drug "Klotrimazol" hasantibacterial action on gram-positive microbes, in particular streptococci and staphylococci, as well as corynebacteria (to a lesser extent). The drug has a trichomonadic and anti-amoebic effect.

The drug "Clotrimazole" (suppositories) is recommended for use with urogenital candidiasis. The evidence also includes mycosis of the skin, including secondary infection.

The drug is used in the form of an ointment, a solution, a liquid for spraying. The most convenient form in some cases are suppositories (for insertion into the vagina).

With urogenital candidiasis remedy"Clotrimazole" (vaginal tablets) (reviews of many patients testify to this) is very effective in combination with cream. After the introduction of the suppository into the vagina from the outside, the ointment is applied to the genitals and the perineal region. In some cases, instillations (instillations) are performed in the urethra of a 1% solution for six days.

The drug "Clotrimazole-Acry" (ointment) is appliedwith fungal lesions on mucous membranes and skin, provoked by dermatophytes, yeast-like and mold fungi. The agent is shown for multi-colored lichen, candidiasis vulvovaginitis, erythrasis, trichomoniasis. The medication is used before delivery for the sanation of the birth canal.

The drug "Clotrimazole-Acry" (candles) is not produced.

Apply ointment per day no more than three times. Duration of treatment - about four weeks (on average). After eliminating the signs of pathology, experts recommend continuing treatment for another two weeks.

With local use of the drug "Clotrimazole"(candles) (the instructions for use contain such data), side effects are extremely rare. In some cases, however, allergic reactions may occur.

The drug "Clotrimazole" (suppositories) does not allow for prescription for hypersensitivity. Contra-indications include the first trimester of pregnancy.

The effect of the drug on the state of the newborn and lactating women has not been studied. In this regard, the rationale for prescribing the drug during lactation is determined by the doctor.

The drug "Klotrimazol" has the ability to slow down the action of other local antifungal medicines. These include such drugs as "Nystatin", "Natamycin".

At reception of a preparation "Dexamethasone" in the raised doses antifungal activity of the agent "Klotrimazol" is slowed down.

Do not apply ointment on the area near the eyes.

In order to avoid secondary infection, simultaneous treatment of both sex partners is necessary.

Treatment of trichomoniasis is recommended to be carried out together with chemotherapeutic drugs (with "Metronidazole" inside, for example).

Before using the drug "Clotrimazole" you need to consult a doctor.

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