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Dates of benefit and harm

Finiki came to the Russian territory from the East. Approximately six thousand years ago in the territory of Mesopotamia began to cultivate a date palm, these fruits were gradually transported from East to West by travelers and soldiers. In Japan, it is considered that the use of dates exceeds all other fruits. It is here that we are convinced that this dried fruit can prolong a man's youth. In addition, it was proven that if a few years a person will eat only dates and water, then there will be almost no harm for the body. It is worthwhile to figure out what the dates are and what is the benefit or harm.

Dates: benefit and harm

From other fruits dates differ smallwater content. The dates include carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and fats. It is generally believed that a dozen of these dried fruits can give the body the necessary amount of magnesium, sulfur, copper and partly iron. They contain unique amino acids that are absent in other fruits. In addition to all this, they contain vitamins. The absence of cholesterol in dates makes them really irreplaceable. These fruits should be consumed in large quantities. If you intend to avoid heart disease, to normalize the activity of the circulatory system and pressure, it is worth eating more of these fruits. A huge amount of fluoride, contained in them, will increase immunity.

The dates, the benefits and harms of which have been known for a long time,contain in their composition glucose and fructose, which are very quickly absorbed, which is necessary for rapid recovery. Fructose is able not only to improve the activity of the brain, but also to relieve tension. Positive effect of dates is noted not only in general, but in particular, for example, they are able to clean male blood and positively affect potency.

Dates: harm

It is important to note that the harm from dates can beattached figure. If you have problems with the intestines or stomach, then it is worth reducing the use of these fruits, because they contain a huge amount of coarse fibers. People with diabetes should also give up their use.

Dates: benefit and harm for immunity

Since dates are carbohydrate food, they arecontribute to the strengthening of human immunity and its recovery after illness. They are useful for pregnant women, but not only during pregnancy, but also during preparation for childbirth. Among the beneficial properties of the fruit is the possibility of enriching not only the female body, but also the fetal organism. The child will receive all the same useful substances as the mother. When a woman regularly consumes these fruits, she can be calm for the development of the fetus, since the child's body will receive all the necessary elements for the development of the baby.

Dates, the benefits and harms of which can be disputedonly people suffering from diabetes are considered the sweetest fruits, but they are excellently absorbed by the human body. When you buy them, it is important to know that they should not have stains of mold, sugary crystals or rot, they should be ripe.

As part of dates, there is fluorine, which protectsteeth from caries. A huge amount of potassium is useful in fighting cardiovascular diseases. Those who decided to replace the candy with a really healthy food, it is worth using these fruits. Dried and dried dates are very attractive for sweets with sugar, protruding to the surface. They can not be left in the open air, and before use, it is worth thoroughly rinsing them with water.

In general, such a useful fruit, as dates, must be used by almost everyone, since it is not only useful, but also insanely delicious.

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