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Harm and benefit of rice - what more?

In general, as you know, any product has andnegative, and positive aspects. It is important to understand what more. In this article, the harm and benefit of rice will be discussed. This is exactly the croup, which has now become such a beloved by many, along with the increasing popularity of sushi and rolls. However, for some reason, few people think about the properties of this product.

harm and benefit of rice

Harm and benefit of rice

To begin with, there are varieties of ricea lot. It can not be said that these are absolutely different cereals, but they have fundamental qualitative differences. As for all respected dietitians, even they still can not come to a common opinion about this product. One way or another, the harm and benefit of rice are determined by the consumers themselves. Surely everyone tried a beautiful long-grain rice. What are the pros? It does not boil and it keeps the shape perfectly, looks great in combination with other ingredients. But here as to useful properties, they are completely absent. After multiple cleaning, such croup is deprived of all nutritional elements and turns only into a "decor" of the dish. Remember this when you stand at the counter in the store. It is also necessary to say a few words about unpeeled rice. Its taste is very different from the purified "brother". But the benefits of such cereals will be much greater. The well-known fact is that most of the microelements needed by the human body are contained in the rice husks. Thus, the harm and benefit of rice are largely determined by the way it is processed. Always read what is written on the package label. Know what you are buying and how you feed your family.

brown rice good and bad

Brown rice. Benefit and harm of brown product

Separately, let's talk about brown rice. It is also called brown. With regard to the degree of pretreatment of such cereals, it can be described as "partial cleansing". Technically, only one layer of husks is removed, and then the groats are packaged and delivered to stores. Brown rice has one unpleasant feature - it is very hard to heat. In other words, it's so easy not to cook it. You can keep brown rice on the stove for hours, and then disappointedly drain the water and just get rid of it. What is the secret? Know that brown rice should be soaked for the night before cooking. It should be done in very cold water, which is usually poured out the next morning and a new one is recruited. Cook the rice for a quarter of an hour, and then wrap the pan in a towel and allow the croup to brew. In brown rice, you can add a little vinegar. In general, the technician of preparation is a lot, but all are similar in one - they rather troublesome. If you have the time and desire to do brown rice, then do it. It perfectly cleanses the body, and it is impossible to recover from it.

sea ​​rice is good and bad

Sea rice. Benefit and harm

Sea rice is the most exotic kind of this cereal. It is a glued lump of marine bacteria. If you watch your health, then you should definitely try it, because it has a truly magical therapeutic effect. However, if you suffer from diabetes, this rice is contraindicated to you.

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