/ / Fungus of the foot. Treatment with folk remedies is effective only in the initial stage

Fungus of the foot. Treatment with folk remedies is effective only in the initial stage

Do you have to deform the toenails? And besides it bothers constant itching, blisters on the skin between the fingers or cracks on the heels? Perhaps it is a foot fungus. Treatment (preparations of internal use and ointments for application to the skin) will be able to appoint a doctor after examining and stating the exact diagnosis, depending on the type and severity of the disease. In the initial stage, you can try to get rid of unpleasant symptoms at home. This article lists several recipes for traditional medicine.

foot fungus treatment

Fungus of foot: treatment depends on the type of infection

A dermatologist diagnoses a disease withoutspecial work. Probably, to determine the type of fungus, it will not be enough to only examine the affected parts of the foot. Very often, by a small scraping, skin samples are taken to perform the appropriate tests. Additionally, a small fragment of the nail can be cut off. Then a variety of fungus is determined by cultivating it in special laboratory conditions. Also the material taken is studied under a microscope.

foot fungus treatment preparations

Fungus of foot: treatment it is necessary to conduct complex

Regardless of the severity of the disease and itsforms it is necessary to comply with all the recommendations of the doctor. But even if you use folk recipes and decided to try treatment with domestic methods, it is important not to exacerbate the problem. And this can happen in case of non-compliance with the simplest hygiene requirements: daily washing of feet, changing socks, using only personal shoes and bath accessories, avoiding visiting public places (swimming pool, sauna) barefoot.

What kind of creams and ointments for the treatment of foot fungus are recommended by specialists?

Many modern anti-fungal preparations can bepurchase in a pharmacy without a doctor's prescription. These include ointments: Miconazole, Clotrimazole, Lamisil. It is important not only to follow the attached instructions, but also to consider the duration of treatment. In the event that after a few days there is no reduction in symptoms and an improvement in the overall picture, it is worthwhile to see a doctor. Perhaps the chosen drug does not match the variety and type of fungus. In addition, a specialist can prescribe as a complex therapy the use of tablets. It is not always so easy to remove the foot fungus. Treatment can be quite long. Therefore, it is important to monitor the condition of the skin and nails on the legs.

ointments for the treatment of foot fungus

Fungus of foot: treatment folk remedies


  1. From elderberry. Pour two tables. Spoon the crushed root with a liter of boiling water and let it simmer for ten minutes. Keep your feet in a warm broth daily for fifteen minutes before going to bed, without washing it off after rubbing.
  2. Acetic. Dilute the 9% solution in half with hot water and steam your feet twice a day.
  3. Manganese. Take warm baths in a saturated dark maroon solution for five to ten minutes. Then lubricate the affected area with a mixture of propolis and alcohol in equal parts.


  1. Mint-salt. Rub these two components into a fine mixture. Put between the fingers, then putting on the socks.
  2. Medicinal. Mix, taking in equal proportions, oils of lavender, geranium, tea tree and lemon grass with birch essence. Rub a few drops into the affected areas.

Carrying out treatment in different ways, do not forget to follow all the doctor's recommendations. This is a guarantee not only of your health, but also of the health of your close people living with you.

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