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The main symptoms of foot fungus

It is difficult to imagine skin diseases,which would not be distinguished by unbearable discomfort and general unpleasant state, as well as aesthetic disharmony. Particular attention in this area deserves a foot fungus, which occurs in the case of reproduction in the epidermis of certain microorganisms. It is desirable to notice in a timely manner the symptoms of the foot fungus in order to start treatment immediately. Infection with such a disease occurs fairly easily, especially if a person is characterized by reduced immunity.

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Moreover, the so-called mycosis does not haveany age framework, as it was several decades ago. As a result, the foot and nail fungus can be found today even among the representatives of the youngest generation. However, it is worth noting that the less the patient's age, the faster and more efficiently the treatment will be, because in a growing organism, microorganisms will not multiply so rapidly. While at an older age, this ailment can easily acquire a chronic character that does not lend itself to complete cure even with very strong drugs.

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Since the species of fungal infection existsthere are a lot of ways to infect it, as well. Nevertheless, the primary infection, contrary to popular belief, does not occur in public places, but at home, more often from one of the family members. And the symptoms of the foot fungus can be found even by those who have never visited public pools, showers and saunas, but suffer from some chronic diseases - diabetes, varicose veins, hyperhidrosis, beriberi, flatfoot and obesity. Do not forget about the various injuries, uncomfortable or tight shoes, contributing to the appearance of corns and sores, as well as about the weakened immunity, which was mentioned above.

Small scales on the skin of the legs - this is the first signappearance candidiasis. The foot fungus can spread swiftly throughout the entire foot, including the fingers and the surface of the nail. In principle, initially the development of the infection can be completely asymptomatic, after which the fungal growths, manifested in the discomfort felt in the folds between the third and fourth fingers, unexpectedly begin.

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Itching is accompanied by redness, dry skin andits cracks. Especially often there are cracks on the heels, and in the field of feet there is an unbearable burning sensation. Often, the symptoms of the foot fungus include the appearance of bubbles, which eventually open and bring not very pleasant sensations.

It should be noted that the classification of such athe disease is relatively arbitrary, and it is up to the doctor to determine what kind of a particular species is present. In no case can you do self-medication, because the symptoms of the foot fungus can sometimes be interpreted in two ways, and the use of medications directly depends on the type and stage of skin infection.

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