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What is the acceptable sugar for men?

The composition of the blood is almost identical to that of the gums,and in men. However, there are some peculiarities. The norm of sugar in the blood of men has its limits - the upper and lower. Standard indicators, in which a person is considered healthy, are somewhere in the intermediate range. To maintain the right level of sugar, it is necessary that all internal organs work together.

When the norm of sugar in the blood of men varies, the body reacts sharply to this. In the first place, there are noticeable failures in the cardiovascular system, which begins to deteriorate.

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How does blood sugar in men and women differ?

The sugar content in the blood should not be less thanthe limit established by medicine. To know the exact figures in each case, you can use the analysis. The norm of tests for the presence of sugar in the blood in men, women and children is defined. The level is determined by blood sampling from the finger, but on condition that the patient does not eat for about eight hours before the procedure. If everything is normal in the body, then all its parameters, including sugar, will not be greatly changed towards increasing or decreasing. If the studies are conducted on a blood plasma, then the indices can be slightly higher than normal.

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How to explain a big jump in blood sugar?

First of all, this situation can be causedingestion of food containing a large amount of carbohydrates, quickly absorbed by the body and almost immediately entering the blood. Addiction to smoking, alcohol refers to factors that adversely affect the organization: sugar can grow dramatically. Negatively affect the state of blood stress and strong physical activity.

If we analyze all these factors, then we cannotice that they are more typical of men. Hence the misconception that the norm of sugar in the blood of men should be higher than that of women. But such indicators in the body of representatives of the strong half of humanity can change, and during the day. Very large leaps are highly undesirable, but they are inevitable because men, like women, love sweet things and do not refuse a cup of coffee after taking fatty foods. In this case, a certain amount of sugar still gets into the body, and the sugar in the blood of men is disrupted. It can show a blood test, taken from a finger on a full stomach. If the blood sugar content of the patient is slightly different from the norm, then a second examination should be carried out after two hours, since during normal body functioning, sugar should decrease to the norm during normal operation. In case of repeated rejection, it's time to think about your health.

Indicators of glucose

They can fluctuate depending on eating:

1. If the analysis is taken on an empty stomach, the average rate is 3.9 - 5.6 mmol / l.

2. After eating, everything is somewhat different: 4.1 - 8.1 mmol / l.

3. If blood is taken for analysis during the day, the indices can range from 4.1 to 7.1 mmol / l.

Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is classified as seriousdiseases in which serious disturbances occur for the organism, which leads to a sharp disruption in metabolic processes, leading to hormonal changes. They, in turn, lead to the defeat of the whole organism. This situation occurs when the indicator exceeds the "norm" mark. If sugar is constantly present in the blood in such quantity, doctors put a disappointing diagnosis.

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The iron can stop the production of insulinhormone, then diabetes is considered insulin-dependent. But there is another form of it that does not depend on the presence of insulin in the body due to its non-acceptance by cells. The development of diabetes mellitus is accompanied by increased fluid intake, a feeling of constant weakness, rapid fatigue, itching of the skin. Often, this dramatically changes body weight.

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