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Chronic pharyngitis: the causes of appearance, features of the course and treatment

Chronic pharyngitis for todayare very common. The fact is that not all the patients immediately turn to the doctor for help. Most try to cure the disease on their own. In this case, the pathology gives complications and turns into a chronic form. It should be noted that most often this ailment appears in men. And on average and the elderly he meets much more often than in young men.

chronic pharyngitis
Chronic pharyngitis often develops in smokersof people. In addition, the disease can be caused by dirty gassed air, carious diseases of the teeth, prolonged inflammatory processes on the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx, various pathologies of the internal organs, as well as a failure in the metabolism. It should be noted that pharyngitis has several forms: simple, subatrophic, hypertrophic and granular. Naturally, each of them requires its own treatment.

Chronic pharyngitis should be treated only withdoctor's participation. Self-medication can worsen the situation. Naturally, you can use folk remedies, but you need to coordinate this moment with a specialist. Now consider the symptoms of the disease. The main among them are: sore throat, painful sensations, instability of body temperature, increased salivation. The subatrophic form of the disease is additionally accompanied by dryness in the pharynx, which is complicated by swallowing. In addition, in this case you can feel bad breath.

chronic subatrophic pharyngitis treatment
Chronic pharyngitis of granulosa typeare also determined by the circular or longitudinal lymphadenoid formations. They have the form of grains and are characterized by red color. Naturally, in order to cure such a pathology, it is necessary to first eliminate those factors that can cause it. For example, give up bad habits, in time get rid of all infectious and inflammatory diseases in the body, watch your health.

General treatment involves taking medicationand gargling with a solution of sodium chloride (bicarbonate). Additionally, the mucous membranes are lubricated with glycerin, lugol or protargol. As for folk recipes, the infusions of such herbs as sage and chamomile will help.

chronic granulosa pharyngitis treatment
If you have chronic subatrophic pharyngitis,treatment involves not only drug therapy, but also the establishment of a diet. The main thing - do not eat hot food, which can heat your throat. This is contraindicated. All other mentioned means will help in treatment. In addition, there are alternative treatments. For example, freezing (cryotherapy).

If you have chronic granulosa pharyngitis,treatment involves the restoration of the body's protective forces with the help of multivitamin preparations, inhalations based on herbal infusions (chamomile, calendula, sage). In addition, try to limit your diet and not allow the use of products that can cause an allergic reaction. Naturally, it is necessary to abandon bad habits. Granules can be cauterized with conventional iodine. A radical method of treatment is the operation, during which the neoplasms are removed from the mucous membrane of the pharynx. After it, you will have to take medication prescribed by your doctor, so that the recovery can take place without complications.

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