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Extract from the work book: the sample and the form of the document

It happens that the employee needs information fromlabor book for a certain period, but make a copy inconvenient, since the document itself is voluminous, and even a few inserts. An alternative is an extract from the workbook, a sample of which will be considered below.

What is the document for?

The extract can be both done in handwritten form, soand select the necessary pages. The worker himself chooses the period he needs. Everything depends on the purpose of obtaining it. Registration and issuance of statements are regulated by the Labor Code and Government Decision No. 225 of 16.04.03.

It is important to remember that for an extract from an employee, they do not have the right to collect money. And also he is not obliged to report on the purposes of its receipt.

Extract from the labor may be needed for presentation to the following instances:

  1. Social protection. In this case, the extract is included in the general package of documents for obtaining social benefits, maternity capital, or with adoption. Most often, information from the last place of work is required.
  2. FMS (for obtaining a passport). If the document is issued online, the citizenit will be necessary to indicate all the data on the work in the questionnaire. Consequently, you do not need to take an extract. If the passport is issued through a visit to the migration service, you will need an extract from the workbook (a sample for the passport will be presented below) with information for the last ten years.
  3. Pension Fund. Extract in this case is needed to confirm the length of service. In general, the employee can provide the PFR and the original labor, this law does not prevent.
  4. Court. An extract may be needed in the case of a judicial or executive process.
  5. Bank (for obtaining a loan). In this organization it is necessary to confirm the employment for the last six months. Only then will the loan be approved.

Let's see how the extract from the workbook looks like. The sample of the document for obtaining the passport is presented below.

extract from work record book

Copy or statement

You need to choose the situation, as neededcan both a copy and the extract itself. The choice is based on the requirements of the organization. For example, a pension fund most often needs a copy, but an extract from the workbook (the sample was considered above) is suitable for social protection.

The main difference between these documents is the total volume. As a rule, a copy is much larger than an extract. In other respects, both documents have equal legal force.

How to make

An employer or an authorized person is responsible for compiling an extract from employment. To receive this, you need to refer to the manual by writing the appropriate application. It should include the following:

  • the name of the organization and the details of the manager;
  • requisites of the employee;
  • please provide an extract from the work book (the sample is presented below), specifying what information should be reflected in it.

an extract from the work record card for a passport

It must be remembered that the document is provided within 3 days from the date of submission of the application.

How to make out an extract

Consider the general rules for preparing a document.

The form of an extract from the work record is regulated by legislation and contains:

  1. Information about the employer.
  2. Information on the employee's work activity for the specified period of time.
  3. Information about awards and promotions (if necessary).

The statement must contain information from the title page of the book:

  • requisites of the employee;
  • education;
  • specialization.

Next, you must specify that the employee is currently employed in the organization that issues the statement. At the end of the document, the signature of the head and the stamp of the company is put.

When a document consists of several sheets, you need to put the page numbers, flash them and assure them.

the form of an extract from the work record book

The statement automatically becomes invalid if the employee leaves the organization.

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