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Flag of Somalia: history and description

The state symbols of this country are not suchit's a long story, but it will still be interesting to anyone who wants to know more about the world, especially considering how originally it stands out compared to the emblems of other African states.

Flag of Somalia

What does the flag of Somalia look like?

The panel has a traditional rectangular shape withlength, which refers to the width in proportion of three to two. The flag of Somalia is completely executed in bright blue color, and in the center of it there is a white five-pointed star. Such symbols have been used in the country since the 1960s, when the state joined the United Nations. At that moment, independence was finally obtained from Italy, to which the territories belonged from the late nineteenth century. Five rays of the white star symbolize the number of historical regions where representatives of the country live. This is British and Italian Somalia, as well as states such as Kenya, Djibouti and Ethiopia.

Flag of Somalia: photo

National emblem

It is interesting, but such colors are used not onlyfor the panel. The coat of arms and the flag of Somalia look almost identical. At the heart of the heraldic symbol is a blue shield. Its edges are delineated with a gold border, and above it is a royal crown of the same color. However, the flag of Somalia, photos of which are known to every traveler, is supplemented by a white star, and the coat of arms uses completely different drawings. On the sides of the heraldic shield support two leopards, which stand on their hind legs - these are the characteristic animals for this African region. They rely on palm leaves and crossed spears, which symbolizes the hope for peace and at the same time the militant character of the inhabitants of this country.

What does the flag of Somalia look like?

History of occurrence

How the modern flag of Somalia appeared, photowhich can be seen in this article? It is a reference to the symbolism of the former state, which was an Italian territory. This explains the absence on the panel of black, green or red - characteristic for the African country colors. The flag of Italian Somalia was adopted in 1954. However, the process of unification of territories is still going on. Only a part of the country enjoys common symbolism, while the rest are distinguished by their own cloths and their own laws.

In the provinces of Galmudug and Northland,flag of Somalia. In Puntland used tricolor with horizontal equal bands, the top of which is a blue one with a five-pointed star, the middle one is white, and the lower one is green.

In Somaliland, the basis of the symbol is also threeband. Upper - dark green, in the middle is white, and under it is dark red. Above written an Islamic slogan, and in the center is a black star with five rays.

Finally, there is a flag of the stateof Jubaland. This is a piece of cloth that is vertically divided into two equal parts. The pole is bright red, and the free edge is made in light green color. In the center of the panel is a white five-pointed star.

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