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Flag of the DPRK and its history

North Korea is a small state in East Asia with the capital of Pyongyang. It borders with South Korea, China and the Russian Federation. It is washed by the Yellow and Japanese seas.

Flag of the DPRK

State symbols were adopted in 1948year. The flag of the DPRK has the form of a rectangle, and the proportions of the sides are 2: 1. The rectangle is horizontally divided into 5 unequal strips. The middle part has a red palette on which is depicted a disc of white color, located closer to the shaft. A five-pointed star of the same palette as the background of the canvas is inscribed in a white disc. The edges of the disc touch the edges of the star. The red canvas is divided by subtle bands of white, followed by the upper and lower blue bands.

Order of the National Flag of the DPRK

The meaning of the flag is understood by every citizen of the DPRK. Revolutionary events are depicted in a star, which is treated as a reliance on strength. The red color of the canvas symbolizes patriotism and struggle, white color is a traditional color for the state, symbolizing purity of thoughts and ideals of every citizen. The blue color symbolizes the desire for peace and friendship with all friendly North Koreans.

History of the flag of the DPRK

The end of World War II was the beginningthe struggle of North Korea with Japan. During this period, the government used the flag of the pre-colonial period, which was called the Flag of the Great Beginnings. The flag of the DPRK in that period was white with a picture in the center. The figure symbolizes the highest harmony and structure of the world, which recalls the eternal struggle of yin and yang. This emblem stands for a constant advance. Flag triagram symbolizes the most important values ​​of a person's character, heavenly bodies and seasons.

DPRK flag

The flag of the DPRK replaced the Flag of the Great Beginnings in 1948and became a national symbol. Members of the North Korean government themselves developed a draft banner, which decorated the flagstaffs in September of the same year. The Order of the State Flag of the DPRK, which is the highest award of the state, symbolizes the attitude of the government and the people towards national symbols.

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