/ What does "iPhone 6" look like? When the iPhone 6 comes out: reviews, review, prices, photos

What does "iPhone 6" look like? When the iPhone 6 comes out: reviews, review, prices, photos

Many fans of Apple products were expecting the ninthSeptember last year, as it was on this day that the next version of the iPhone device was on sale. The acquaintance passed almost without surprises, as the fans had already known for a long time what they were expecting. If you were interested in the new development of Apple, then for sure you are familiar with the fact that the world began to hear rumors about the increase in the screen "iPhone". Indeed, the model received a new case, as well as a large display. Today we will talk about what looks like "iPhone 6", and we hope that for you this article will be very interesting.


The main detail that the company decided to relate toApple is a screen change. Developers had to abandon the attractive four-inch display, although these parameters have not changed since 2012. But now the company began to undergo global transformation. This is exactly what the audience expected. In connection with the fact that the screen of the device "iPhone 6" was enlarged, its dimensions also changed significantly.

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The most interesting is that the companyhas provided its users not just a model with certain display parameters, they have plenty to choose from, because the new version of the device is made in 4.7 and 5.5 inches. Accordingly, the "iPhone" with the largest screen will cost a little more, but for some people this parameter is the main advantage. However, what "iPhone 6" looks like, you can find out with the help of the information given in the article, and you can also immediately consider the characteristics that the developers give us.

The basis

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Since last year Appledramatically change the lineup of their devices, now they will be original. But if you take into account all previous models of "iPhone", for sure you know that the hull of the predecessors is plastic. Naturally, the company needed to allocate a new model. Therefore, we decided to forget about the usual material. Most likely, such a move was influenced by sales of the mobile device iPhone 5c, with which the company remained unhappy.

Acquisition of

On "iPhone 6" the price in Russia is a little overstated, but,despite this, many users have already started to buy a new model with confidence. You can save a lot on purchasing a mobile device, but for this you will need to purchase a phone through the USA. Few users want to take such a risky step. The cost of the device is very high, so people overpay and receive it on the day of purchase.

"IPhone 6": photo, appearance

айфон 6 price in russia
We hope that thanks to our material, youlearned more about this device. But nevertheless it is necessary to clarify what the "iPhone 6" looks like and whether it is worth buying. In fact, the device is really worthy of attention, and looks like a mobile phone is very stylish. If you believe the statistics provided by world experts, then in the first days of sales more than ten million devices were purchased by users from all over the world, and we are only talking about the new development of the company. The images of "iPhone 6" speak for themselves. After getting acquainted with such a device, each person will necessarily want to hold it in their hands, well, there it is not far and before the purchase. If you do not take into account the functionality and capabilities of the device, but only pay attention to what looks like "iPhone 6", then you can determine that sales will not decline, but, conversely, will begin to grow.

Cost and reviews

As for the price of a new communicator, itvaries significantly depending on the type of device and the location of its acquisition. Buy a phone can be for the amount of 46 to 62 thousand rubles. As for the feedback of the owners, the most common advantages are the chic design of the device. And in occasion of lacks the criticism in the address of the increased screen more often sounds. The fact is that such settings do not allow you to comfortably hold the smartphone in your hand.

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