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What is an iPhone and what it was like before?

This device became known literally onthe whole world. But why? And what is an iPhone? After all, we hear about it almost everywhere, whether it's advertising on television, on the Internet, on the radio. Or even just on the street from passers-by. Let's take a closer look, where did this miracle device come from, what it is capable of and why it has become so popular.

What is an iPhone?

The very first iPhone appeared on June 29 in 2007. That day, "Iphone" was already its official name. And it appropriated this name to the world famous company Apple. The buyers looked with interest at this new technology miracle, not understanding what was so interesting about it? By the way, outwardly the Iphone resembled the Ipod Touch player.

At that time, the technical specifications are simplehit, and a screen measuring 3.5 inches was considered incredibly huge. Hence the first step to the success of this device is the ease of operation, because with such dimensions it is convenient to use and interesting. It could easily be put in a pocket, and the buttons, which seem to be on the screen itself, delighted all the young people.

Technical specifications are far overthe time is fashionable phones. Iphone - a quality and powerful enough communicator, so it is universal. It can perform a number of functions simultaneously: use all kinds of applications, means of communication, download files from the Internet.

First iPhone

Later the phone started to gain popularity. Under him are created to this day possible programs, utilities, applications. Their number is simply limitless.

Of course, what is an iPhone with a weak camera? But then it was just terrible for today's framework. It was equipped with a regular webcam without autofocus and flash, which has only 2 megapixels. The resolution of the images is 1600x1200 - this was not enough to make a quality photo. It looked more like an additional and useless function. However, this was the only negative at the time, because for the user were available to other, no less useful and useful functions: Wifi and GPRS / EDGE. The battery is standard: for multimedia up to 16 hours, for telephone conversations - up to 8 hours.

Another hallmark of the phone isunique interface. The Multitouch technology is a chip that distinguishes the Iphone from all similar devices. Here you can include accelerometer, light sensor and much more. By the way, thanks to Multitouch, the user can change the image with two fingers - we spread them around the screen, and the picture increases. And with the help of the distance sensor, a rather convenient function was invented, which used to irritate the user so much earlier: when you turn the screen to your ear, the keyboard automatically locks to avoid accidentally pressing the wrong button. What is an iPhone, everyone knows, but not everyone is aware of the fact that the models of this phone does not provide such a function as MMS. The developers felt that this is the last century, and this opportunity has become useless.

Phone Iphone

Summarizing, you can answer the question, what isайфон. This phone can be safely defined as a fairly powerful communicator with its both positive and negative characteristics. Whether this device suits you - decide for yourself.

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