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How much is the iPhone 5 - components of the price

Every year, the well-known Apple company pleasesus with new models of their smartphones. Not so long ago, the sale was 4S, now - 5S and 5C. Between them, the intermediate link was just iPhone 5. This model has absorbed all the best from the previous and a whole series of new products, the main ones of which are external ones - there is a larger screen size and a smaller thickness of the case. And how much is the iPhone 5 in Russia and other countries? What is its cost price?

How much does the iPhone 5 in Russia cost?

how much is iphone 5

The undeniable fact is that before the startofficial sales of a smartphone in our country, its price reached up to one hundred thousand rubles and even surpassed that figure. The very first copies were sold for 116 thousand (with a memory of 64 GB). All this is due to the huge popularity of Apple products. Then it went down to 28,000 rubles, and now this magnificent device, the dream of many fans, can be purchased for 19,000. This is the shortest possible answer to the question: "How much does an iPhone 5 cost?"

And now we will understand in various nuances. The starting price has turned out slightly more than the previous model, the iPhone 4S, because even visually the gadgets are noticeably different. In the model under consideration, the display is enlarged to four inches, and the thickness, on the contrary, is reduced. In addition, the screen itself received a resolution of 640x1136 pixels, improved many features, introduced a number of different improvements, changed connectors for accessories, slightly reduced weight. Not in vain he was given a new, the next figure - and turned out to be an iPhone 5. The price fully corresponds to Apple's policy.

5 iphone price

The components of the smartphone

It is very interesting to know some of the nuances,connected with pricing. The cost of components for our smartphone model is equal to 199 US dollars. Its production costs another eight. And how much does an iPhone 5 in the US cost? The cost of the device in the retail network is $ 649. You can quickly calculate the revenue from the sale of one phone - $ 440. This is data about the model with 16 GB of internal memory. Every following 16 increase the price by $ 100.

айфон 5 price

Revenues of Russian implementers of devices,of course, not so large, but considering the sales volumes, they are also rather big. Moreover, the latest model at the moment is still quite fresh and expensive for most buyers. Therefore, they buy 5 iPhones, whose price is smaller, and the appearance and characteristics are not particularly different. But compared to the iPhone 4s, the enlarged display is more convenient and convenient for studying websites, watching videos, reading books or playing games. It has a better color rendering.

Is the price of the 5th iPhone too high?

Answering the question "how much is the iphone 5", very muchyou often hear comments about his overpriced value. Many say that in the US it can be bought for only $ 200, but at the same time forget that this cost together with a contract for 2 years, the minimum monthly payment of which is $ 80. Well, count how much it turns out - 2120 dollars! Therefore, it is advantageous to buy unlocked devices. And here the prices are already comparable. Should also earn something and domestic retailers!

And although there are already a lot ofcompetitive models of phones from other manufacturers with similar technologies, screens of a larger size, the 5th iPhone remains the most beloved device for many. He took his niche in time and holds the championship. The main thing is to produce a new model every year, even more advanced and advanced. That, at least until Apple succeeds.

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