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What to do to lose weight quickly

Modern women perfectly understand thatmost men pay attention primarily to the condition of the body. What to do to lose weight legs, if they do not fit your ideals at all? First of all, start eating properly and perform daily special exercises.

The diet should be changed necessarily. Food primarily affects the shape of the body. Even if you train for 2 hours every day, but at the same time to consume high-calorie foods and generally eat incorrectly, it is useless to expect positive results. In this case, you can really throw off the desired weight, but severely undermine your health and then gain extra pounds. Therefore, if you are in doubt about the correctness of your diet, consult a dietitian. The specialist will make you the right menu.

How to make your legs lose weight with the help offood? The daily diet should be divided into 5 receptions. The main volume of food eaten at lunch. Breakfast is a compulsory daily ritual, and it must account for a quarter of the food eaten per day. Dinner should be done until 19 hours. But this is not the only condition for an evening meal. You can not eat for supper dishes from complex carbohydrates - it's mainly food from cereals. Try to eat vegetables, low-fat dairy products, fish in the evening.

What to do to lose weight legs as possiblefaster? Have a day of unloading once a week. Eat all day there is only a certain kind of food, for example, apples, kefir, fruits, vegetables. Every day, drink at least 1.5 liters of liquid. It includes not only water, but also compotes, tea, juices.

What to do to lose weight legs? When you have adjusted your diet, it's time to move on to physical activity. Consider exercises that you can perform at home everyday. They will take approximately 40-60 minutes. Therefore, plan your daily schedule in advance and allocate time for exercise in the morning or evening.

Stand near the wall with your face, put your palms onsurface. Transfer weight to the right leg, lift the left over the floor, and take it to the side. Then swing your foot to the right in front of you. Do the exercise 25 times, then change your legs.

Lay down on the left side, put both palms on the floor. On inspiration, push away from the floor with your feet and hands. Lift the body above the floor. Hold for a few seconds on the weight, then exhale sideways. Repeat the exercise on your right side.

Sit on your buttocks on your heels. With an exhalation, move the weight to the left and sit on the floor near the feet. On inhalation, get up and sit on the other thigh. Do at least 20 repetitions in each direction.

Sit down, straighten your legs, pull your arms forward. Start moving on the buttocks forward. The distance you will pass this way should not be less than a meter. Then move back with your back forward.

Lie on your back, freely put your hands on the floor,your left leg bend in the knee. With an exhalation, lift up your right foot, lower it with inhalation, without touching the floor. Do 20 repetitions. Change your legs and exercise with your left foot.

Turn over on the stomach, put the palms on the floor. With an exhalation, lift up your right leg and stay in this position for 35-40 seconds. With an exhalation, lower it to the floor. Make a lift of the other leg.

How to make your legs lose weight quickly? Do self-massage of feet. Use any anti-cellulite cream. Rinse the cream, starting from the knee and moving up the thigh. The time of massage of each leg is 5-7 minutes. Use the cream morning and evening daily.

What to do to lose weight legs? Observe the principles of proper nutrition, do exercises and do self-massage. Then pretty quickly you will bring your feet in good shape.

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