/ How to make a pass in the legs?

How to make a pass in the legs?

In many types of martial arts, increasedattention is paid to the parterre, that is, the struggle on the floor. The most advantageous position in most cases is the fighter that is above - above the enemy. How to transfer the opponent to the floor and be in the most favorable position? One of the most common ways is to pass into the legs. Admission is in demand in free-style wrestling, mixed martial arts and even rugby.

Where it is better to use?

Always remember one of the main rules of MMA: "You have to box with a fighter, and fight with a boxer." Passage to the legs is a great option if you are opposed by a relatively tall opponent, inclined to fight in the rack. Attention! In no case do not try to perform a reception if you are confronted by a more experienced wrestler, especially having a strong physique. Only make it worse.

Passage to the feet

Technique of the passage in the legs

Reception starts with a classic counter. Both fighters are at a distance of about one step (the length of the outstretched arm). Some inexperienced wrestlers tend to throw themselves into the legs from a great distance immediately after the start of the fight. You can not do this. If the opponent is ready, he will solve the attempt in time and will meet you with a knee blow to the head, guillotine or just run away to a safe distance.

First you need to lull vigilance. To mask the passage to the feet, a jab is usually used in the head area. You can also use a short series. Just do not get carried away - a boxer or a representative of other martial arts can punish you with a powerful counterattack.

The task is to get the enemy to raise their hands forprotection. Everything, you can start the main reception! Half bend your legs, sharply move forward, grasp one knee or thigh of an opponent, and the second - his lower back. You can also grab for both feet or one leg with both hands.

passage in the legs of a technician

Now "protarate" the body with your shoulder and pull itfoot on yourself. Try not to fall on the opponent (you can hit hard), but gently move to the rack on your knees, which will give you the opportunity to fight further or to hold the ground-end pound.

Typical errors in the passages in the legs

Remember that this is the passage, not the jump ora fall. The main strength of your body should attach legs. Do not tilt the case forward. When going to the legs is not recommended to snap an opponent above the knees and below the belt - so difficult to deprive a person of balance. Keep too low, too, do not need - great risk of getting a knee in the forehead. In addition, do not take your hands in the castle behind the enemy's feet - sloppy traffic will lead to problems with the brushes.

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