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How to lose weight? for 5 days for 5 kg - easy!

We all know perfectly well, and expertsconstantly say that intensive weight loss has a negative effect on health. But in the modern world, sometimes we are forced to disregard the advice of nutritionists in order to once make an unforgettable impression on others, whether it is a trip to the sea, meeting with classmates or buying a new dress. So, how to lose weight in 5 days by 5 kg? How to get rid of excess weight in the shortest possible time, preferably painless? How to lose extra pounds in a week without suffering plagues and gastritis in the future and not return lost pounds with "interest" after the expiration of the diet?

The main rule to remember,setting himself such a task as "lose weight in 5 days for 5 kg": prepare for a change in the usual way of life. Although, if you set a goal to lose a couple of kilograms in a short time, then you're just ready for anything!

A few more rules how to lose weight in 5 days for 5 kg:

1) Any intensive and extremely effectivethe process of losing weight is built on the restriction of the food that you consume. Weight loss includes not only a diet, but also increased physical activity. The most tangible effect will be if your hunger strike is combined with sports, but training should not be medium in severity, but active and power.

2) Any diet that will help youeliminate excess weight quickly, can not be used for a long time. You probably do not want to suffer from health problems. Basically, all diets are built on interdictions. You are allowed to take a low-calorie meal, you can not eat sweets, salt, sugar. Food is replaced by a plentiful drink (at least 2 liters a day). Drink plain water or green tea, saturate the body with freshly squeezed juices, in which there are many vitamins.

3) With intensive weight loss the body is deprived ofonly extra pounds, but also useful substances. It is necessary to compensate for the lost vitamins and trace elements, otherwise the fatigue and weakness of the body will be felt on the day for which all this was started. Consult your doctor and start taking a course of vitamins. Also, you can drink a complex of proteins that replace the body's food proteins. Proteins activate active muscle activity.

4) Prepare yourself for the transformationearly. Why do you need to get rid of extra pounds? In order to increase self-esteem? Perhaps, your figure and without strengthened diets can attract the attention of the opposite sex? Make sure that you are beautiful and effective without bullying the body, adjusting yourself to a positive mood.

5) If you managed to achieve the result and decidethe question: "How to lose weight in 5 days for 5 kg?", do not stop. Do not throw workouts, watch your food. Do not again attack the "forbidden fruit", because they bring the body only harm. Do not rape your body with a sharp change in the usual way of life, all changes must be gradual.

6) If you do not have much time (only a week),and you need to lose weight slightly, then you should not drive yourself into rigid frames. If you think how to lose weight by 1 kg per week, then almost this week with cleansing. Water, vegetables and fruits are all that's needed. The result will be not only on the figure, but also on the face, because swelling and fatigue will disappear.

Many girls set themselves a more long-termtask and decide how to lose weight in 3 months by 15 kg. If you set yourself the task of getting rid of excess weight seriously and for a long time, then be ready for a tough diet and an active lifestyle. Also in the fight against excess weight will help massage, gymnastics, running, sauna, swimming pool, etc. Once a week, you need to arrange a hunger strike, on other days you should strictly monitor the amount of calories and the usefulness of food. In addition to vegetables and low-fat sour-milk, cereals in the diet should be a lot of water. And, for sure, it's not worth talking about forgetting buns, chocolate sweets and fried potatoes.

Whatever task you did not put yourself: lose weight in a week, a month and six months, remember that the main thing is health and self-confidence!

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