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How to clean the abdomen after caesarean section: the main recommendations.

Many women after birth almost immediately come to form, they are lucky and we will not talk about them. Let's talk about 90% of those women who still can not get back their flat tummy.

Those who gave birth through cesarean section know thatWhichever diet is chosen, excess fat will go from anywhere, but not from the stomach. Over the seam will be a treacherous looming stomach. Depending on the condition of the young mother, doctors allow you to exercise, swing the press and do other exercises for a flat stomach from 6-12 months after the operation. This is the time it takes to heal internal seams. How to clean the stomach after cesarean section - a question almost rhetorical, before women and did believe that after the operation it can not be removed.

If you start early, you may experience complications such as sore or discharge.

Assess the condition of your figure can be a couple of months after delivery, when the uterus will shrink to its former size. Then it will be seen what we are dealing with.

Now in many beauty salons are offered wraps that allow to put the skin in order, anti-cellulite massages and so on. I'll try to tell you how to clean the belly of the house.

Initially, even before playing sports, you canto make it easier for yourself to buy a bandage, corset linen. It is sold in pharmacies and helps to bring muscles into tone. Although, some doctors believe that it has the opposite effect, that is, the muscles are in a certain position only because they are supported by the laundry, and not because they work. In occasion of this point it is necessary to consult with your doctor who knows you and your features.

It is also recommended to sleep on the abdomen - so the abdominal muscles strengthen, and the uterus shrinks better.

If there are no health problems - breastfeed,this also contributes to uterine contractions. Many breastfeeding moms get rid of the tummy faster and they do not need to question how to remove the stomach after a cesarean section.

More and longer walk with the child - walks in the fresh air and walking for the benefit of you and the baby.

Do not forget about the skin - you need to buy or make yourself scrubs and use it regularly, so you'll help her to return to her previous condition.

Massage. This is both pleasant and useful. There are special shower heads or individual brushes.

Retract the abdomen. This can be done at home and on the street. Just pull in your belly and try to hold it in this position for a while, a few seconds. It also helps to strengthen the muscles.

How to clean the abdomen after childbirth: exercise. When a physician will allow physical exercise, one should start with the most simple exercises, not with push-ups and swings of the press on a special board, but, for example, with yoga. And, of course, from the simplest, for example, with the exercise "Cat".

It is necessary to kneel, and hands to rest on the floor. It is necessary to look before itself, instead of on a floor. Then we will bend our back up, arch, and then sag, that is, the stomach will have to strive to the floor. Repeat first three times, each day gradually increasing the number of times. Do better in the evenings, so the calories collected for the day will be burned.

The muscles will stretch, become elastic andwill prepare for more serious workloads. Increase the burden is gradual, if you are beginning to worry something - it's worth going back 1-2 steps back. If there is a discharge or pain does not go away - be sure to see a doctor.

Swimming and aqua aerobics are wonderful sports in the postpartum period, you can start with them.

Try to practice every day - at least 10, at least 5 minutes. Procession from regular studies is much more than from debilitating, but one-time.

And, of course, it is worth paying attention to proper nutrition. Not to diets, but to proper nutrition! The basic principles of this diet are approximately as follows:

How to clean the abdomen after cesarean section - general recommendations.

  • Drink more.
  • The closer to the evening, the less and easier the food should be.
  • Do not eat before bed - the last meal should be at least 3-4 hours before bedtime.
  • Salt the food already in the dish, and not during cooking.
  • Renounce the sweet. Or eat a little in the morning.
  • Try not to eat fried, give preference to stew and boiled.
  • Do not arrange snacks - eat the best at the same time, so that the body is accustomed.

These simple rules will help both to clean the abdomen after cesarean section, and improve the condition of the body as a whole.

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