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Float fishing rod: fishing for pike

At present, the float rod is the mostcommon fishing tackle. The design of it is quite simple and simple. But on how well the rig is properly made, the catchability and convenience in using such a fishing rod depends. It consists of several parts: rod, coil, fishing line, float, hook and sinker. In most cases, directly on the rod fasten the loop and motoviltse, which help when winding the line and, accordingly, fixing it on the top.

float fishing rod
Convenience when using a fishing rod in the firstthe turn depends on what material it is made of and how technically arranged. The float fishing rod is made of carbon fiber, fiberglass or a mixture of these two substances. Rods made of fiberglass, soft and heavy, and made of carbon fiber, on the contrary, elastic and very light.

The length of the rod is different, the minimum is two meters, and the maximum is six. Recently, inertial coils have been increasingly used since they are practical and less likely to break down.

As for the line, it all depends on what you're doing,where fishing will be carried out and what fish should be caught. The general rule is this: the smaller the fish, the thinner the diameter of the line. The float rod can be equipped with single, double or triple hooks. Most often, of course, one is used. Such hooks come in different sizes. They are set on a fishing pole, depending on what type and size of fish the hook is intended for. Thus, hooks No. 1-3 are used for catching small fish such as bleak, loach or minnow, No. 4-6 for carp, roach, scraper and baster, No. 7-10 for fairly large fish such as bream or carp , No. 11-15 - for soms or pike-perches.

fishing for float fishing rod
Float rod is very successfully usedfor catching pike on bait. This is a fairly old and proven way to catch such a dodgy toothy predator. Such a method is best used in reservoirs, ponds, lakes and rivers with a weak current. Tackle should consist of a long hard rod with a firm end. Optimum fit line 0.3-0.4 mm, which is attached to a small sinker and a single hook. The float should have good buoyancy, so it is better to use made of polystyrene, cork or bark. Fishing for a float fishing rod will be more successful if you prefer a larger size and an egg-like shape of the float so that it can hold the bait. When catching a pike, always use a metal lead and a single hook No. 6-10. As a nozzle, it is best to choose a gudgeon, a loach, a char, a sticker or a small roach.

pike fishing on a float fishing rod
Push the animal through the gills behind the lip, behind the backor tail. The bait is allowed to travel a distance of half a meter from the bottom and above. When the float is triggered, the rod is carefully taken into the hand and waiting for some time. This is necessary in order for the pike to swallow the bait and not to jump off the hook. It is necessary to strike out energetically and confidently. Fishing for pike on float fishing rod in standing water is especially effective when using a boat. With its help, you can pick up and catch the inaccessible from shore places, yars, bushes and whirlpools, where predators most often stay.

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