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Fishing secrets: snap fishing tackle

The float rod is thecommon tackle. It is universal and ideal for catching fish from the shore. The equipment of the float fishing rod is very simple and simple. "Poplavochka" can act as an amateur, and sports equipment. A fishing rod with a float can catch not only roach or crucian carp, but also predators such as pike and perch. True hunt will have to live. They catch it not only from the coast, but also from the boat. It perfectly behaves as in standing water, and on the current. The fishing season for a fly float fishing rod begins immediately after the spring release of the reservoir and continues up to the freeze-up. Since this is one of the oldest gear, it can be built at home. The float rod consists of a rod, a coil, a fishing line, a float, a leash and a hook.

rigging float fishing rod
So, the rigging of the float fishing rod shouldcorrespond to the size and weight of the fish, which will go fishing. This largely depends on the parameters of the line. But here you should not be too wise. Usually a fishing line of 0.3 mm in diameter is put, but if catching heavy trophies is planned, then a diameter of 0.4 or 0.5 mm is better. It is necessary to know how she behaves in the water. A thin line is better masked and almost invisible at the bottom of the reservoir, it is invisible to fish and does not deter it from bait.

The rigging of the float rod also includes hooks. This small, but very important tackle. It, just like the line, should match the size of the fish. But much depends on the bait used. For example, when catching bloodworms or steamed oats grains, it is better to use numbers 2 and 3. And when using grasshoppers, worms, waxes, number 4 is suitable.

The float is also very important. In general, the rigging of the flywheel is unthinkable without this tackle. Each fish bites in its own way, some - carefully, and some - very decisively. Proceeding from this, the float is selected. He must respond in a timely manner to bite. In the float fishing rod with a blind rig, the casting range is about 8-10 meters. It is possible to increase the radius of action only by using a longer rod and line, but this greatly increases the weight of the tackle and makes it uncomfortable for sharp cutting and fishing. Therefore, the more sensitive the float, the greater the chances of a good catch.

fly fishing tackle
One can not but agree with the statement thatThe angler is more attracted not by the final result of fishing, but by the process of catching. The rigging of the float fishing rod should correspond to his desire to fight the fish on an equal footing. At the same time, there should not be any visible advantages in force. Long ago, the days when successful fishing was measured by kilograms of caught fish have already passed. Now, first of all, the skill of the fisherman is evaluated, and the captured trophy can and even needs to be let go. This is why a detailed flywheel is needed. Its equipment should be as simple as possible, firm and consistent with the reservoir on which hunting will be conducted. Well, the fish will not force themselves to persuade, will peck properly, just cut it.

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