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How to catch pike in spring: practical recommendations

As soon as ice comes down, lovers of fishinggo to the rivers in search of a catch, but the off-season is therefore called what is between the two fishing seasons, and there is really nothing to expect from it. The perch, which actively pecks before the final descent of the ice, you will not find, and pike perch even more so. They can be found in abundance only in full-flowing rivers, and even then their active biting begins a little later. You can pull a small baby, but where is the sporting interest?

How to catch a pike in the spring
On how to catch a pike in the spring, we'll talka little later, and now determine the factors that affect its biting. Although some people talk about her early zhora, in practice this does not happen in the main, although there are exceptions. Actively peck predatory fish begins in the period May-June, and in April it is necessary to torment her. In each pond, the habits of the pike differ, including their activity and parking places. According to some reports, the temperature of a pond affects the behavior of a cold-blooded predator, and therefore an individual approach to each fishing is necessary.

Small rivers

On small rivers, the ice collapses in the firstturn, so the water enlightens faster. After the rains, the water in the small rivers becomes turbid, so it is recommended that the predator go after several days of drought. It is worthwhile to know how to catch a pike in the spring.

Preference is given to rivers that flow into theLarge reservoirs, and on which you can catch on spinning. Place for pike parking is pretty trite: dumps, local pits, braids and stuff. In the spring, predator hunting outshines any other biting, and by the number of individuals it may exceed the local fauna. So how to catch a pike in the spring, and what kind of spoonbottom should I use?

Doughts for pike
The fish does not approach the shores and does not rise,so the ideal option - bottom fishing, and bait with the main cargo on the front will be indispensable. At this time, you can catch a large specimen for a small bait. As bait, we use all baits: from foam rubber fish to overseas rubber.

Pay much attention to the size of the bait! A small bait fish can ignore, but for a large pike is not sufficiently active, so baits of medium size - 6-8 cm - will be ideal. Such bait for pike fishing is recommended to be used in the spring period.

Another way to catch a predator - catching on zherlitsy. This way they catch pike practically all the year round. Establish zherlitsy on the border between open water and shelter (reeds, sedge, driftwood, etc.), while choosing a place with a deeper bottom. It is in the deepening of the bottom that the pike arranges its ambushes.

Dumplings for pike are put on all night or notless than a few hours. As a living bass used perch, roach or other species of fish (choose a species that lives in abundance in a particular pond). The dimensions of the bait are chosen individually, and the trophy depends on its size.

Lures for pike fishing
When baits are baited, we observe the limitingcaution, so as not to injure him. To chop it follows the upper fin. About other details of how to catch a pike in the spring, you can read in special sources.

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