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Fear of heights: how to fight it?

Neuroses are a group of diseases of the nervous system that are characterized by strong mental overstrain. The main symptoms are sleep disorders, severe palpitation, increased fatigue.

Fear of heights
Fear of heights refers to the obsessive neurosesstates. The patient has thoughts, fears and desires that worry him, but it's difficult to cope with them alone. Phobias associated with height, can arise as a result of a strong psychological shock, suffered recently. At the same time, fear of heights is quite natural in a healthy person, but only five percent of the world's population develop this fear into a phobia.

He can manifest himself in different circumstances- during flights on the plane, walks in the mountains or on attractions. Some people do not experience discomfort while in the cockpit, but they can panic on the Ferris wheel. Fear of falling from a height, losing balance, or the fear of losing control of yourself and jumping down, despite the danger, are two subspecies of the ailment.

Fear of height (phobia) manifests itself by such symptoms:

  • dizziness and heart palpitations;
  • dry mouth or, conversely, increased salivation, sweating;
  • lowering of body temperature, numbness of limbs;
  • dyspnea.

The first reaction of man to the fear of heights -grab hold of any support and do not move. It is characteristic that the manifestation of a phobia is not always associated with a real danger to life. So, an attack of fear of heights (or acrophobia) can arise, even if a person simply looks at someone who is at the height.

Causes of acrophobia:

  • a weak vestibular apparatus, a person distorts the evaluation of distances and turns his head, which causes fear of heights;
  • trauma associated with a fall - a person may be aware of it or even not remember about it (if the fall occurred in early childhood);
  • hereditary fear of heights.

How to cope with the disease?

The fear of heights can be treated with the help of special psychological techniques. In this case, a person can learn to control his fear, if he has a strong willpower.

The most effective way to get rid of fear is to constantly face its cause, for example, to engage in mountaineering or often to walk in the mountains. Then the height will become familiar, and fear will disappear.

It is important to gradually accustom yourself to the idea ofThe fact that height is not so terrible and not at all dangerous, if you follow certain rules. One must often imagine himself with a parachute or on the roof of a high-rise building, mentally stepping over his own fear.

After you get used to this thought,take decisive action. Try to rise to a small height and analyze your feelings. Each time the height will scare you less and less, and then fear will simply disappear.

Important: Pre-arrange safe conditions for therapy. You can not neglect safety, because if you lose control and fall, getting rid of the fear of heights will be much more difficult.

Psychological support also helps effectively. Ask friends to help you: in their presence you will feel calmer and more confident.

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