/ / Is it necessary to overcome the fear of the dark by force of will? Psychologists do not recommend.

Is it necessary to overcome the fear of darkness by will? Psychologists do not recommend.

It is rather difficult to find a person who in childhoodcompletely calm about the dark, because the complaint "I'm afraid of the dark" is the most common among kids. With this trouble, children usually go to their parents, older brothers and sisters, in a word - to those who are stronger and can save. It is at this age that instead of support children often receive severe suggestion from their parents: "you are already big, what nonsense can happen!" - such an attitude, forcibly pinned to the head, can seriously spoil life and the adult person, then the fear of darkness at the very business can turn into a phobia.

Experts believe that there is no fearbefore darkness, only a man with absolutely no imagination. In his thinking, darkness is only the absence of light, therefore, one must either provide illumination or wait for the morning. If, with the imagination, everything is in order, then the fear of darkness manifests itself first at the level of anxiety. You do not see what is happening around, it causes a sense of anxiety. This condition is especially characteristic of people who are used to keeping everything under control.

Elements of auto-training, which are usuallyare prescribed as a remedy for fear, do not work in the dark. If in an alarming situation to reassure yourself that nothing terrible is happening, it actually seemed, then it was heard, and this shadow on the floor is just a consequence of the unfortunate gleam of a street lamp, then the slightest accident can cause a nervous breakdown. We all understand that it is not necessary to hear the cracking, it can be anything, from sagging overlaps to an attacker picking up the keys to the front door. Adult logical thinking makes us even more nervous, and if we constantly activate our own willpower in an attempt to overcome fear, then one push, the only refutation will suffice to collapse the psychological defense. Fear of darkness, brought to the point of absurdity, is a phobia, one of the most widespread and serious in the world.

Why willpower is dangerous in the matterovercoming your own fear? The fact is that all our correct and logical calculations, which are presented as arguments against, necessarily stumble over a phenomenon that will declare all assurances of security to be nothing more than lies. If the cat jumps out of the darkness, then the lie will be the assurance "there's nobody there." The subconscious will necessarily work against you, because there may not only be a cat, right? Fear of darkness is based precisely on loss of control, vision is a very important factor that confirms safety. If vision has to be excluded, our body exacerbates other senses to the limit, and first of all it is a rumor. Suddenly aggravated hearing is able to catch sounds that seem to us atypical, sinister, they are difficult to identify. So the fear of the dark gets powerful support, and the rich imagination instantly gives the most ridiculous explanations to every rustle or creak.

The simplest solution that comes to mindman, it is to follow the path of least resistance and eliminate darkness altogether. Electric light made it possible for such an action - people suffering from fear of darkness leave light for the night, and rustles are drowned out by music or continuously broadcasting television. This only exacerbates the problem: imagine the level of panic if the electricity suddenly turns off - as a result of a heavy wind, for example. Perhaps the most correct action in the realization of one's fear will be a visit to a psychologist. This will help determine the origins of fear, what you are afraid of specifically - the fact that you do not see in the dark, or imaginary objects that can hide there.

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