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Anthropophobia is the fear of people

The phobia is nothing but a steady fear,often completely undefined. This is an abnormal phenomenon and in most cases is associated with some kind of mental disorder. The intensity, causes, duration of phobias can be different. Distinguish and objects of phobias. A person can be afraid of dogs, rats, heights, open or otherwise closed spaces, butterflies, large pans, tattered socks can cause fear. Phobias and fears have much in common, but fears, as a rule, have some real basis, and phobias - no.

People, I'm afraid of you

Fear of people is anthropophobia. She's not that rare. Yes, many people really feel very uncomfortable when there is someone else nearby. Fear of people is a kind of social phobia. Affected by her poorly go to contact and seek to spend time alone. They do not care about social status, financial situation, respect for friends and relatives. Fear of people - a phobia, which can manifest itself in different ways. Some are afraid of children, others, old people, one more can not be close to bald and so on. Some are afraid of everyone and immediately. Sex, age and other meanings for them do not have.
In most cases, people's fear leads tothe emergence of all kinds of neuroses and mental disorders. Human behavior becomes antisocial. It's also bad that people can not turn to someone for help because they can not enter into any social contacts. And he remains alone with his fears and problems. It is also worth noting that not all people subject to anthropophobia are ready to admit that they have really serious problems.


Psychologists can not really explain whythere is such a phobia. There are reasons to believe that problems (as in many such cases) come from childhood itself. Insult from adults, deceit, violence, psychological terror - all this can make a child in the future a closed, hesitant, distrustful and hateful people. In most cases, this will lead to the fact that later on he will avoid people, but not be afraid. Anthropophobia does not come about at all, who suffered a trauma. Of course, the individual features of the psyche should also be attributed to the reasons. What is inherent in nature, affects the whole life of man. Sometimes people's fears torment and those who did not suffer any strong emotional shocks.

Treatment of anthropophobia

Of course, it will not disappear by itself. There are almost no such miracles. It must be remembered that any phobia can not only torment for years, but it can also develop and grow into something more. Without the help of a psychiatrist here is indispensable. Only an expert will help to understand the situation, as well as find something that prevents a person from living a normal life. Treatment is based on interviews, analysis of the patient's actions. Often a psychiatrist, after listening to a particular story, asks the patient to present everything a little differently ("What if you did it differently?" And so on). The patient must understand that life will be much better if he learns to interact with others correctly. Without realizing this, he can never be cured.

In order to get rid of fear of people,it is necessary to hope not only for the doctor, but also for himself. Every day you need to take some steps (albeit small ones) that can help you get closer to someone. To say "thank you" to the seller, to drive in public transport, without hiding your eyes, to smile at the stranger - all this and many other things will sooner or later help to join the society.
Finally, we note that the suffering anthropophobiait is recommended to make every effort to make friends with at least one person. If this happens, then we can assume that the chances of recovery are high.

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