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Secrets of dating, or the cool question for girls

Remember that when asking about time, getting to knowor even a superfluous son-in-law, you definitely will not surprise anyone. Because such a question for the girl is already trivial and trivial. Using any, even the most common situation, the chances that you will get rejected at the first moment of acquaintance are reduced. Asking about where she got this or that thing, about what is happening right now before your eyes or something most everyday, you will force the girl to think a little and tie a conversation. After all, almost any girl already prepares negative answers for dating offers in advance.

cool question for girls

Come up with another cool question for girlsit is possible on the spot (determined by the situation) or in advance. Many will agree that the latter option is simpler. Since at home you can practice in front of a mirror until you like it yourself. It's no secret that now you can find a huge number of "first" questions. For example:

Do you often smile at your pleasure?

Did you know that Elvis Presley is a root blond, and painted in black to look like Roy Orbison and add yourself a little pathos?

Such a cool question for girls will be a little shocking. And such a light shocking humor, as well as soft humor in general, should please any beauty.

Think about the situation at the same time anddifficult, and easy. The difficulty lies only in the fear that the invented question will not be entirely suitable for acquaintance. And it is easy because he himself "rushes to the head", it is worthwhile to you to recall in what situation and place you are. But in no case be afraid, having picked up a question corresponding to the place, time and the surrounding people, he has the right to be the first and repulsive in acquaintance. The main thing is that your cool question for girls was the most ordinary and not greatly affected. Go even these:

"It seems the rain begins ..."

- You have a patty, otherwise I'm just dying of hunger ...

"Do you know that girl?" And then she looked at you so closely ...

Sometimes the question can be taken from nothing. For example, that it is based on your or her mood, and also what the girl knows (observes) will come down. Such questions also seem simple, but they only seem so ... Sometimes it takes several weeks to practice in such art.

cool questions for girls

"You are so elegantly eating this ice cream ..."

- Do you have a budgie at home? Funny, I do not have either. You see how similar we are ...

If you have already gotten into trust and want,using the cool questions, for the girls "lined" the carpet to their bed, then you do not have any reason to stamp on the spot. Ask them about more open and liberated topics. Start talking about sex so that she involuntarily imagined it. The main thing is not to overdo it: ask the question (s) only about and do not part with them at a time.

- Have you ever had sex right after the first date?

- Tell me about the most memorable excerpt from sex?

"Have you ever done this in an elevator?"

It happens that such serious questions can undermine the conversation, then use the crowning question for girls about sex:

question for the girl

- I bet on a kiss that I kiss you better than you?

"Is that how you dressed or are you starting to undress?"

- Do you somehow call your intimate places in a special way?

Do not get lost and come up with your own unique cool questions for girls. Successful you acquaintances.

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