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What kind of girls do guys like?

Standard stereotype that the girlit is enough to have an attractive figure, a sweet face and put on a provocative outfit to get any guy, to the good does not bring. Sooner or later, a lady with such a life-style starts to notice that she can not get good strong relationships, and everything she can count on is a one-night relationship.

When she finally finds out what kind of girls they like, then experiencing an easy shock. It turns out that everything is not so simple, and many of those whom beautiful girls do not consider as competitors at all, in fact, are more likely to marry a man of their dreams.

The thing is that the appearance is by no meansthe main indicator by which a guy chooses his soul mate when it comes to a serious relationship. In long relationships, the feeling of comfort from joint pastime, a sense of ease in communication and an atmosphere of mutual trust comes to the fore. This does not mean that a girl must be necessarily smart, she just should make the life of her young man better, not worse, and the appearance here plays a role only in the first days of acquaintance.

About how to achieve such an atmosphere inThere are different points of view. It is still not known exactly what kind of girls the guys like: they are like them or vice versa completely opposite to them. In different pairs it turns out differently. And the secret here is simple. The guy needs a girl who will complement his weaknesses and emphasize the strengths. Therefore, it should be something like it, but in something very different.

So the eternal question, which girls prefer guys, the answer will never be found. It all depends on the particular young person. If he has strong analytical thinking, but he is absolutely helpless in his domestic affairs, he will fall in love with a girl who appreciates people who can make intelligent logical decisions, and domestic chores do not cause her any problems. If the life for it turns out to be something important, then the guy will feel weak in the relationship, and in the case when she herself is incapable of domestic work, scandals on everyday life can not be avoided.

Of course, such details can not be immediately identified,so in the first stage of dating, the question of which girls like guys are not so important, rather than the question, which they do not like. A girl can easily scare off a young person at the first acquaintance, even if they are perfect for each other. This is due to the fact that our relations are full of stereotypes. It is believed that you must necessarily build yourself a princess or a bitch, or a whimsical young lady, and meanwhile, these guys just do not tolerate the spirit when it's not about flirting, but about serious relationships.

Thinking about what kind of girls the guys want, many girls make the mistake of usinga common template, that it is necessary to be bright and attracting attention. In fact, the "gray mice" have even more chances to get the guy in their arms. This is due to the fact that, firstly, watching a bright woman, the guy is a bit afraid, for fear of refusal. Secondly, for such a woman will have to constantly fight, and this requires a huge expenditure of energy and, in the end, bored. A guy needs a girl who will only love him and give him a sense of calmness - these qualities he does not see in shocking ladies. And in the "gray mouse" he can see something that no one else sees, and that will only give joy to him.

Of course, all this does not mean that you need to spoil your appearance or dress tastelessly. However, knowing what kind of girls love guys, you can avoid popular mistakes. Just stay yourself, and you are bound to find a young man who will set you apart from everyone and will love only you!

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