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Cool cake. Familiar products with creative design

Wishing to congratulate their loved ones, people usuallytry to make them something pleasant. Searches for a gift often take a very long time. You always want it to be different from the others. Recently, the cool cake has become especially popular. Such a gift will always be original and unique.

A non-standard idea

Without a cake, as you know, there is no celebration. This confectionery product has long been a symbol of any celebration. Already no wedding, birthday or anniversary can not do without this dessert in the form of a cylinder or multi-tiered construction, decorated with colorful roses. Now such a gift will surprise no one. Perhaps this is what prompted the confectioners to the idea of ​​creating a cool cake. What did they want to achieve with their innovation? Most likely, it was a challenge to the old traditions and habitual way of life. In addition, the cooks wanted to create a product, the appearance of which could be determined by its target orientation. And you need to do it in a joking manner. For example, give friends at Christmas a cool cake in the form of a chimney, in which Santa Claus is stuck.

cool cake

There can be as many options as you like. Buyers of this idea also fell in love. Some enterprising confectioners even began to open entire enterprises to provide similar products to all comers. Cool cake has become a real trend. From customers simply there is no release. Everyone wants to make a real sensation among guests with his unusual gift.

For all the birthday

Most people consider birthday the mostthe main holiday. It is usually celebrated cheerfully and on a grand scale. For such a celebration, the masters are especially trying to make an unusual gift. It will become a truly unforgettable event. Funny birthday cakes can be the main decoration of the holiday. For example, a girl can give a cake, on which the figures of the guys in bathing suits will lie on top. And kids necessarily like products with decorations in the form of animals or cartoon characters. People with a sense of humor can get a dessert in the form of a coffin, and motorists will just be delighted with the delicacy with the image of the roadway with the car driving along it.

Funny birthday cakes

Such a gift is capable of performing three main tasks:

  1. Make an indelible impression.
  2. Deliver pleasure to the birthday boy.
  3. Writing a topic for conversation.
  4. Have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful taste of a bizarre dessert.

The most important thing is that in its design there is always a sense of proportion. Without this, a surprise can only spoil the mood.

For the beloved man

Very often wives order a cool cake to her husband. Such a product should take into account not only its taste preferences and age, but also interests and character. If the life companion is a football fan, then a gift in the form of a huge ball and the flag of your favorite team will be just the way. For a music lover, you can order a cake in the form of a performer's head, which is his idol.

cool cake to her husband

The main thing is that the imagination should be maximallydecent. Otherwise, even a close person can be offended. For example, who would like a cake that would be an exact replica of a toilet bowl or a dog's excrement? Although there are such lovers, with an unconventional sense of humor. But the cake from the beloved wife, as a rule, should have a certain direction. The product in this case is aimed at bringing about a feeling of love and tenderness in the spouse. You can play a part of the female figure in a jocular manner and draw some inscription with a hint next to it. Manufacturers offer customers a choice of dozens of different themes and options. The customer only needs to think carefully before deciding.

Separate category

Usually, cool men's cakes arespecial category. Here you can choose a gift for a person with a variety of interests and hobbies. Fans of expensive alcoholic beverages will definitely like a dessert reminiscent of a bottle of good whiskey. And inveterate hunters will be just delighted with the cake, which depicts a forest glade and a dog carrying its owner in the teeth of game. Fishing and athletes, too, there is something to please. The lake with reeds or goalkeeper on the gate, made of mastic, jelly and cream, will bring pleasure and cheer up.

cool cakes for men

Of course, you can also use hard jokes inthe form of male or female body parts. But such a surprise is only for a narrow circle of friends. Women like this joke is unlikely to like. But if a loved one loves such humor, then why not give him such joy? After all, doing something good for the most expensive people is always pleasant. And if so, then it's better to do it more often.

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