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Raincoat-mushroom. Is he edible?

Raincoat spiny (Lycoperdon perlatum Pers) -it's a dusty macromycete. He has a very exotic appearance. So many are wondering whether the mushroom is a raincoat. It has a much greater ability than other fungi to accumulate toxins from the environment. However, despite this property, the raincoat-mushroom is edible.

Mushroom raincoat is edible

Ability to accumulate harmful compoundscaused that this macromycete was used at one time to clean the soil after environmental contamination. The same quality was the reason for the creation on its basis of various dietary supplements, which remove toxins from the body. Macromycete is also used for the production of cosmetic products. Although the raincoat-mushroom is edible, it is not recommended to eat specimens that grow in areas of environmental disasters and near harmful industrial processes.


This raincoat is a mushroom withround, closed, sometimes pear-shaped fruit body and pseudopod. It belongs to the family of Champignon. The foot of the macromycete smoothly passes into the cap. The pulp of the fungus is a homogeneous dense, elastic-meaty tissue. As you grow up in the glebe, cavities lined with hymen are formed. Later, they break up and throw out a powdery mass of spores, which is colored from brown to dark green. Although the raincoat-mushroom is edible, but at this stage it is not recommended to eat it. At the top of the macromycete, an opening is formed to eject the spore powder. Fruit body of this fungus, as a rule, has a height of 4-8 cm. It can be painted in all shades of white, sometimes grayish or yellowish. The top part of the fruit body is covered with thorns.

Mushroom raincoat edible

Mushroom ratio and culinary properties

The raincoat has many national names: mushroom tobacco, hare potatoes, devilish Tavlinka, dust, grandfather tobacco, etc. These nicknames are somewhat disparaging, which expresses the attitude of "quiet hunters" to this macromycete. And indeed, despite the fact that the mushroom raincoat is edible, a rare mushroom picker will stop near him. Old copies are not suitable for food. Throwing spore powder, they turn into a sort of wet cloth. However, at a young age (with unformed hymen) raincoat-mushroom is edible and also very tasty. And it does not need to be soaked and pre-cooked before frying, pickling or pickling.


Raincoat can be found in the forestsdeciduous and coniferous type, in the steppe, in meadows. This fungus often grows on manured soils, rotten stumps and forest litter. It is widely distributed almost throughout the European part of the Russian Federation. They gather it from spring to autumn.

Edible mushroom raincoat

Beneficial features

Since ancient times, people have known antiseptic andhemostatic properties of this fungus. For wounds and cuts, it is necessary to cut an adult raincoat and attach it to the damaged area. As a result, blood stops quickly, and suppurations do not occur in the future. Employees of chemical plants and other harmful industries are encouraged to include this fungus in their diet. This helps prevent diseases such as sarcoidosis and pneumoconiosis.

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