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Meet: mushroom raincoat!

Summer - mushroom time, mushroom pickers come back withfull of baskets home, and the housewives treat their guests and guests with all sorts of mushroom dishes. At the height of summer time, after warm rains on the meadow, among the grass round white balls of mushrooms round like balls are mushrooms raincoats. It is often called "purhavka", "egg egg", "grandfather's tobacco" and even "mushroom-vacuum cleaner". All these names come from the property of the fungus during the ripening period to be filled with dust-spores. The favorite entertainment for children is to step on the ripened cap of the raincoat so that it explodes, releasing a cloud of gray dust. These disputes later, caught in the wind, are carried over huge distances.

Many mushroom raincoats cause someneglect, and quite in vain. According to its healing and nutritional properties, the raincoat significantly outperforms the boletus. It is perfectly absorbed by the body. For example, in the 18th century in Belgium doctors advised people who were sick with tuberculosis (TB) and weakened after the illness to drink broth not chicken, as usual, but from raincoats. "Mushroom meat" - like that, neither much nor little, is called a cooked mushroom-raincoat because of its taste reminiscent of the taste of meat. Collected mushrooms should be young (not having time to ripen and form spores), inside with a cut they should have a bright white, almost snow-white color. Wash them with a small brush. Further processing depends on the recipe.

I also picked up for you a couple of recipes in which a mushroom raincoat is used.

Preparation of the first dish requires selectionlarge mushrooms with a large hat. We will cook stuffed mushroom hats. The number of ingredients we take on the basis of 4 servings. We will need: 12 hats of a raincoat, juice from 2 lemons, 25 olives, 100 grams of chicken liver, 4 slices of garlic, 2 anchovies (fillets), pepper, salt and a tablespoon of butter.

Thoroughly brush the mushrooms under the spraycold water. We clean each mushroom raincoat separately and cut off its cap not at the bottom, but slightly higher in such a way that it was then convenient for us to stuff it. Next we need a medium-sized frying pan, which we fill with one third water and put it on the fire. As soon as the water boils, pour in freshly squeezed lemon juice, place the prepared mushroom hats and cook for five minutes on low heat. The broth is drained, and the boiled mushrooms are dried on a paper towel, after peppering and salting them.

We will fill the filling. From olives we will pull out bones and finely cut, garlic let through the press and add to olives. The boiled liver is crushed in a blender along with the canned anchovy fillet and mixed with olives. Ready ground meat salt, if dry, you can add a bit of melted butter, but just a little bit, so that the stuffing gets sticky.

Preheat the oven to 200 ° C. Meanwhile, stuffing hats stuffing. In a refractory shape, greased with butter, we will lay out stuffed raincoats. We bake for 15 minutes. Served on the table with a salad of fresh vegetables or boiled vegetables.

There is another interesting recipe, amongthe ingredients of which are a mushroom raincoat. The recipe has a very beautiful name: "Kiss of the Rain". We need for him a raincoat 200 grams, half of the Bulgarian pepper bright yellow or red, 1 onion head, 1 small carrot, 1 tomato, dill umbrella, garlic cloves.

Boil water and cook mushrooms in salt water 10minutes. Dry them on a towel and podvyamim on a clean pan without oil. We'll pull it out and put it aside for the time being. And we will cut vegetables ourselves. Half of onions are cut into half rings, pepper in thin strips, carrot we will grate on a grater. Now add the sunflower oil to the pan, put it on the fire and let the vegetables cut into it. Pass for 2 minutes and pour a little water, cover with a lid. Once the vegetables are ready, add 50 grams of butter and mushrooms. Continue to extinguish without a lid for 5 minutes.

We put vegetables in a salad bowl, as soon as theycool. Now let's cut the remaining half of the onions in the salad, add the garlic passed through the press, we remember and pour the seeds of dill. Let's add salt, add sugar to taste and once again stir the prepared salad. Enjoy your meal!

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