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Who is in the Pug Zone: History and Interesting Facts

Who is at the Pug Zone? Recently, the Internet is often asked this question. The thing is that a blogger with a rich prison past appeared recently, "driven" by "Pug". In its way, this is the first representative of the prison world, which was able to find real popularity within the Russian-speaking segment on "Youtube". The uninitiated public constantly asks who or what is a "pug"? And this is not strange! Little is known about him, but many have heard of his existence.

Who is in the Pug Zone

From a prisoner to a blogger, only one step

A man who has 27 years in prison behind his back,together with his friend became famous on the Internet, and now they earn several dozen or even hundreds of thousands of rubles a day. It's about Novik Sergey (he's also the "Pug Uncle Pes") and Andriy Shchadile ("Pug's master"). The two were serving a prison sentence together. In 2013, a video appeared on the Internet with the participation of the Pug. The plot did not make much sense (two zeks talk in high tones and insult each other in every possible way), however, the "zonovskaya" atmosphere and profanity became the object of the interests of the majority of social users. networks.

For what sat the pug on the zone

Stories from childhood

All the facts and life stories that are known about"Pug", he told himself in his video. The narrative format, as a rule, takes place in an unobtrusive dialogue with Andrei Shchadilo, where the former convicts expressively communicate and use profanity. The first stunning fact that the Internet public simply blew up is that, as an eight-year-old child, the Pug lost his virginity with the animal. It happened in the circumstances of a school excursion to the cowshed, where little Seryozha decided to make his classmates laugh: he went to a small calf and put his penis in place of a nipple. As "Uncle Pes" himself says, in the end his classmates did the same.

The name of the pug on the zone

For what was sitting "Pug" in the zone?

As a teenager, "Pug" became an ardent fancard games. The hobby turned into addiction, so he lost a large sum of money to some unknown person. As Kal Calych himself said, the amount was about 25 thousand rubles, which was considered huge money during the Soviet era. Without thinking twice about how to return a card debt, Sergei decided to go to robbery. On someone's tip, the teenager knew that a certain resident of his village in the house kept a large assortment of gold jewelry. Penetrating to her house and stunned by a blunt object, the guy began to demand gold. However, the woman did not make concessions and the heated teenager did not find a more reasonable solution, how to insert the soldering iron into her back hole. The humiliated and shocked woman appealed to the police, and soon the Pug was found. Since Sergei was not yet 14 years old, he could not be imprisoned under a prison guard (he was 13 years old and 8 months old). Four months later, just at the time of the teenager's 14th birthday, he was detained. Sergei Novik was sentenced to 4 years in prison.

Pug in the zone is important

Uncommon way to slough off the army

A few weeks after his release from"Youngsters," Sergei is waiting for an ultimatum: the mother says that he must go to the army and this is not discussed. Young Sergei tried to dissuade his mother with all his might, but it was useless. The disagreeing guy decided that by any possible means he should "slice" off the army, because he did not want to cross out his life for another 2 years. Forced to the military enlistment office, the young man began to pass a medical examination. Doctors perfectly understood who they are dealing with, so they did not check his state of health, releasing the draftee with the extract "healthy." The last stage of the medical examination was at the psychiatrist's office. Once again seeing the mark "good" in his med-card, "Uncle Pes" went to the door of the office, and after that he began unjustifiably defecating under the doctor's door. By this action he caused a shock and bewilderment among the employees of the state institution. However, this trick helped the "Pug" get the right to freedom - he was taken to a psychiatric ward. Having slipped from the army, Sergei continued to lead a rampant and unpunished life, but it did not last very long - a month later, the guy again gets in jail.

What does pug on the zone mean?

Prison weekdays

With the advent of fame on the Internetmany facts about the life of Sergei in the "remote places" began to surface. The public was interested in the personality of Sergei Novik, and often the question was raised, who is at the "pug" zone? At one time it was rumored that "Pug Uncle Pes" in prison was a "rooster" (the lowest "suit" in the prison hierarchy), but this fact has long been refuted. Pug was a simple "peasant" (medium and neutral "suit"). In 1993, he was an active participant in the "Zekov" riot. This fact in the "thievish" concept, is considered heroic, so a certain authority "gave good" to the Pug to fill a reputable tattoo on his shoulder (zekov's epaulet). Who is in the Pug zone, now everyone knew! For a long time Sergey Novik (also known as the "Pug") enjoyed authority among the inhabitants of the prisoner's world, but at the end of the term spoiled his reputation, again a card debt. Having lost a considerable amount of money, "Uncle Pes" could not repay his debt. Now his title in this dubious conjuncture turned into a "fouled-up". According to Sergei, the reason for this was his heroin addiction, under the influence of which he lost in cards.

What is the name of the pug on the zone

In his entire life, "Pug" served 27 years. On the zone he also met Andrei Shchadilo, who managed to glorify our hero. Now Sergei Novik is not just a prisoner with a "rich" past, but also a successful video blogger and streamer.

What does the name "Pug" on the zone mean?

In prison-thieves' slang there is no definition of who the "pug" is, it is not a suit and not an alternative to any concept. There are several phrases from prison jargon that contain the word "pug":

  • Take on pug - lull some means.
  • Take on a pug, a dog - to lull a person with a drug.

Pug on the zone is a value that does not have a certaincharacter. In general, in prison, "driven" is appointed either by external signs, or by the behavior of a person or by the event that happened to him. As a consequence, the nickname of our hero was chosen, until the end is not known, however Sergey Novik really does look something like a pug breed (probably with his bulging eyes).

Who or what is a pug

There is only one unspoken version thatmeans "pug" in the zone: it's a prisoner who spreads rumors about the order in the "hut" before the authorities. However, this concept should not be confused with the "rat". The thing is that the "pug" reports in the presence of the "beholder" (the main one within his "hut"). Some people deny this interpretation, they say that this is not an answer to the question of who is at the "pug" zone, nevertheless, there are simply no other concepts within the declassed society.

The present life of Uncle Psa

In 2016, Sergei Novik and Andrei Schadilo togetherfreed from under the prison guards. In honor of this event, they staged their debut stream, which was called "Thongs" (in this they see an alternative to the word "stream"). Thematic affiliation of their creativity can hardly be identified. They do not play video games, they do not deliver useful things to the general public, but simply present very resonant content. Andryukha beat up Pug for donation in various ways (money donation to the audience). These two put up a price for this or that action, which will be done for the purpose of mockery and mockery of the "Pug". Every day, the popularity of "Uncle Psa" is growing, and along with this, the amount of donations. Former convicts earn up to 200 thousand rubles in a few hours. They also conduct their own channel on "Youtube", where video materials are posted in the genre VLOG (video blog) and "prison lifes."

What in the end?

The current activities of Sergei Novik and AndreyThe gadget became relevant for the Internet community. The theme of prison and thieves' life attracted the global interest on the Internet even before the appearance of the Pug Stream. And now it's much easier to study the prison category. How long will the glory of "Uncle Dog" last, no one knows, because views are growing rapidly every day. It is parsed into quotes and memes, and also cut out funny moments from the video to spread across all social networks. It can be safely stated that now "Pug Uncle Pes" is the most important "urka" within Runet.

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