/ / Flag of Chad: description, symbols, history of creation. What is the difference between the flags of Romania and Chad?

Flag of Chad: description, symbols, history of creation. What is the difference between the flags of Romania and Chad?

The flag is not in vain considered one of the main symbolsany state. This is due to the fact that it is easy enough to determine this or that country. For example, during the Olympics, athletes carry the flag of their country ahead of them, it is raised when the winner is awarded. Why use the flag, not the name of the country or its coat of arms?

The answer is quite simple. The fact is that the name of the state is written and pronounced differently depending on the language. Not everyone can immediately hear the presented country. Coat of arms is not used, because it is rather difficult to display because of many small details, and it is even more difficult to remember. The flag is the most simple and universal identification mark of the state.

What is the flag of Chad?


Flag of Chad

The flag of Chad was adopted on November 6, 1959. It consists of a rectangular canvas on which there are three vertical stripes. This is a combination of the French flag and one of the sets of Pan-African colors.

It is known that at one time Chad was a colonyFrance. The most common colors of African states are green, yellow, red. They are taken from the state symbol of Ethiopia, which first applied such colors. On the Ethiopian flag, tricolor means a rainbow, which is a symbol of God's promise not to make a second flood for humanity.

What does the flag of Chad look like? The three vertical bars are arranged in the following order: blue, yellow, red. What do these colors mean for the state?


how does the Chadian flag look like

The flag of Chad was developed from three colors. They denote:

  • blue - the sky, water, hope;
  • yellow - the sun and the desert, located in the northern part of the state;
  • red - the unity and blood that the inhabitants shed, fighting for the independence of the country.

History of creation

The state declared its independence day.11.1958 year. At that time, the government could not present the state flag of a new independent country. It was decided to temporarily use the state symbol of France.

For several months, theown symbol of statehood. By 30.06.1959 the project with the flowers widespread in Africa, namely green, yellow, red was presented. Due to the fact that the same tricolor used and other former French colony of Chad government has decided to develop a new design. By November 1959, the current flag of Chad was presented for review. He was left and used today.

Related flags

than the flags of Romania and Chad differ

In the world community there are two pairs of countries,which have the same flags. These states are separated from each other by the oceans and have a different history of their development. Their state symbols turned out to be the same by chance.

Countries with the same flags:

  • Indonesia and Monaco. Their symbols of statehood consist of a canvas on which two horizontal stripes of red and white are connected. There was even a legal dispute between the states on this issue. But claims from Monaco were refuted by Indonesia. Although the principality registered the banner earlier, but the same symbol was known in the territory of island India since ancient times. And the paintings remained identical.
  • Romania and Chad. Their symbols of statehood, which consist of the same colors, can still be distinguished from each other.

What is the difference between the flags of Romania and Chad?

To avoid legal disputes, the youngthe African country made the blue color of the flag darker than that of Romania. This can be seen if you carefully look at the tricolor canvas. However, in fact, their state symbols still remained the same.

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