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On how to sunbathe safely and effectively

Every girl is looking forward to summeras soon as possible get rid of the heavy and stuffy clothes and substitute the body for the rays of the sun. However, in order to really enjoy the tan, one must adhere to certain rules. And also remember that the sun's rays in the large

how to sunbathe
amounts are harmful.

We start with small

So, at last the air has warmed up enough forso that you can safely undress and stay in one swimsuit. Do not rush to get out on the beach and spin on the bedspread from morning till night to get tanned soon. You need to start with small doses of the sun: an hour and a half from the morning and the same evening at first - it will be an ideal option. Well, if you are before sunbathing on the beach, visit the solarium several times: so you lightly prepare the skin for ultraviolet. Of course, do not forget about creams and lotions that will prevent the occurrence of burns and protect you from harmful sun rays.

Sunbathing beautifully

How to tan beautiful? Here we are not talking about attractive poses that can be accepted by relaxing on a deckchair by the pool, but about a much more complicated business - how to get a smooth golden tan and not harm your health at the same time. When your body has become accustomed to the sun (through

what time to sunbathe
5-7 days of regular one and a half hours of sunbathing),you can stay on the beach longer. Undoubtedly, everyone knows when to sunbathe best: until 11 am and after 16 days. During these periods, the activity of the sun is not as dangerous as at noon, and you do not risk burning or sunstroke. The best option - go to the beach early in the morning (at 6-7 hours) and stay up to 10-11. However, even at this time, do not forget about the headdress. A hat or a panama must certainly protect your head from overheating. If you like to swim, do not remove the headdress or wet your hair to avoid heating your head. And coming out of the water, properly wipe off or dry in the shade: droplets focus the sun's rays, which is fraught with mini-burns or uneven sunburn. And, of course, do not forget to refresh the layer of cream or lotion on the body. As a rule, complexes are sold: protective and to enhance the effect. The sequence of their use is usually written in the instructions.

Asking the question of how to tan properly,you will certainly stumble upon the advice that you need to lie with your feet to the sun. And in this there is some truth: so you minimize the shaded areas of the body. However, this does not eliminate the need to constantly turn over, substituting

how beautifully to get tanned
the sun one way or another.

It is believed that it is good to sunbathe in the shade (undertree, for example). Therefore, if you are afraid or do not like to be in direct sunlight, boldly lie down near the nearest tree and enjoy. Of course, sunburn will not be so pronounced, but still your body will acquire a gentle golden hue.

By the river and the sea

Everyone knows that the sea tan is much brighter and"Chocolate" than the river, but it is washed away in a couple of weeks. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to the south and are wondering how to beautifully tan, necessarily organize several sorties on the river. First, so you prepare the body for the aggressive sea sun. Secondly, a suntanned skin tan better. And, of course, do not forget about special products: lotions, creams, oils.

Having learned about how to sunbathe and when the mostsafely and effectively do it, pay attention to your diet. After all, to look good from the outside, you need to provide health "inside". The best tan is promoted by such products as apricots, carrots, melons and seafood.

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