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Wonder-tool "Kareprost". Feedback on its application

All women dream of being irresistible, and eachfrom them madly wishes that her elect did not take her admiring eyes from her, and everyone else envied her. The most important thing in appearance is, of course, the eyes are the mirror of the soul, but give them an extraordinary charm thick and long eyelashes.

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The drug "Kareprost". Feedback on its advantages over other means

If you want to have such beauty, then in ourtime has become all possible. If by nature lush lashes are not given - make them yourself! At the present time, this is not a problem. You can, for example, buy and paste artificial cilia. But it's not very convenient - at the most inopportune moment they can get unstuck and put their owner in an awkward position. And after a long time using their eyelids blush, and your own eyelashes become brittle and unattractive. It is much more convenient to grow your eyelashes. And here the amazing remedy for eyelashes "Kareprost" will come to the rescue. The reviews of many women who took advantage of it, say that this drug really works. And all who used it, were satisfied.

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Means of Kareprost. Feedback on its application

This therapeutic drug for the eyes, produced inIndia, is able to influence the growth of eyelashes. It contains the active substance bimatoprost. This product is sold in the form of drops contained in vials with a capacity of 3 mm. Applying it for a month, you get dark thick and long eyelashes. Using this tool, you must strictly follow the recommendations. If you want to visually see and compare the result of its action, take a photo of your eyelashes every month of application. Before use, it is necessary to cleanse the skin of all excess, after which it is possible to apply Kareprost drops to the upper eyelid. The reviews of many women say that the drug should be applied every evening for best results. Typically, one bottle is enough for a period of four to six months. If you wear lenses, you need to remove them. Taking the applicator in the hand and keeping it strictly horizontally so that the contents do not spill onto the floor, one drop should be squeezed onto it from the vial of the drug and carried along the skin at the very base of the upper eyelid, following from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. A similar procedure must be done over another century. Clean with a soft cloth. To avoid infection, you need to use a separate applicator for each eyelid every time. To apply the remedy is necessary only for the upper eyelids no more than once a day, the frequency of lubrication will not increase the growth of eyelashes. The procedure requires special care. Used applicators should be discarded immediately.

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Means of Kareprost. Reviews

The photo attached to the article will show you the resultits use. There are many positive reviews of those who regularly used this tool. The drug really helps to restore the density and length of the eyelashes. But, applying it, it is necessary not to forget that this is a medicinal product, and not some harmless oil. He was created to treat a particular eye disease, and increased eyelash growth was his side effect. If the product gets into the eye, it can cause inflammation and other disorders. Some users noted that it sometimes causes itchy skin around the eyes, and after stopping the use of eyelash droplets growth stopped.

Means of Kareprost. Feedback on the desirability of its application

They say that beauty requires sacrifice, but before itsto find, it is necessary to estimate possible losses. But what if your acquisition is not worth it, if your health is at stake? Is it not better to lubricate the cilia with burdock, castor or other oil and not put yourself at risk?

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