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Means for growth of eyelashes "Kareprost": reviews and effect

Long eyelashes are the dream of every girl, and thatto achieve the realization of this dream, that only modern women do not try to do: from applying castor oil on eyelashes to building artificial hairs. Today we will consider the tool "Kareprost", reviews about which have flooded the Internet and worry about their inconsistency. Is it effective, and are there side effects?

The origin of the preparation "Kareprost" (bimatoprost)

Kareprost reviews
In fact, these miracle drops are nothing butan agent for the treatment of glaucoma of the eye, that is, an ophthalmic. Surprising effect on the eyelashes was noticed first of all by patients of ophthalmological clinics and their attending physicians: after using such a remedy people became longer and thicker than eyelashes, for which enterprising cosmetologists-pharmacists seized.

Now this drug has become quite "golden" forprice and is positioned as a means for growing eyelashes and eyebrows, there are several of its analogs, but at the heart of drops "Kareprost" the composition is always identical: there is necessarily a growth hormone bimatoprost. It seems that women have approached the implementation of seemingly unrealizable dreams - natural eyelashes, which grew almost on their own.

Clinical action of "Kareprost": consumer feedback, application

Growth hormone affects the hair bulb, whichstimulates its growth and prolongs the life of the cilium itself. In fact, this means that instead of the cilium falling out a couple of weeks after its birth, it stays in place and continues to grow for 2 months. Thus, we answer the first question of consumers about why after the interruption of the use of the drug the eyelashes return to their previous state.

Karepist composition
The agent should be applied only to those areas,where you plan to increase hairiness, since the solution does not care where to stimulate hair bulbs, and they, you are sorry, are located all over the body. Be careful when applying the product, use a thin applicator, which comes complete with droplets, so that the product will fall right onto the roots of the cilia and eyebrows, rather than provoke hair growth in the middle of the eyelid or forehead. This was the answer to the second question users of the drug "Kareprost", reviews aboutwho was told about a strange effect. In fact, it is not he that causes the "hairiness" of unnecessary parts, and this you did not carefully apply the remedy and did not wash it off from the forbidden places. Carefully read the instructions!

Side effects of the agent for natural eyelash growth "Kareprost": comments and suggestions

Describe such negative reactions of the drug tothe basis of bimatoprost, like itching, darkening of the cornea of ​​the eye, redness and darkening of the skin. For interest, you can read about the side effects of any pharmacological drug, say, "Acetylsalicylic acid", "Analgin" or similar to the considered funds from glaucoma and postoperative rehabilitation on the eyes: they all contain similar or even more unpleasant symptoms, but from this less use them not become.

To begin with, we recall: the side effect of bimatoprost was detected in 4% of consumers, and this is not a general number, but rather people with specific characteristics in the body that do not perceive this hormone, but it should be checked how exactly this drug was used. Most likely, violations were committed, that is, getting it on the eyeball and applying drops outside the line of eyelash growth. Try to be careful with this ultra-precise drug and apply it strictly according to the instructions.


Kareprost bimatoprost
There is a special feature of the drug "Kareprost",which we tried today to thoroughly study and analyze, it consists in a simple rule: "Do not overdo it!", which means: if you forgot to apply drops today for the growth of eyelashes, you do not need to catch up tomorrow and increase the dosage or number of applications per day . This is exactly what can lead to unwanted reactions.

In general, the drug "Kareprost" is enoughIt is good to be used if you remember the rules of application and observe the measure. Let your eyelashes find the desired length without side effects, and the salary will be enough for good quality drugs, bypassing cheap fakes!

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