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"Yandex Direct": self-tuning, step-by-step instruction

"Yandex Direct" is a very powerful tool forpromotion of your resource through contextual advertising. According to statistics, it is "Yandex" refers to the most popular search engines in the Russian segment of the Internet. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people are interested in setting up Yandex Direct itself.

Yandex direct setting by own hands

Possibilities of Yandex Direct:

  • you can set up a "Direct" for the country or even a specific city where the potential customer resides;

  • selection of search requests and their setting, which will be issued an advertisement of an advertising nature;

  • the ability to set up "Direct" so as to independently manage the advertising in the results of the SERP;

  • compilation of the text of advertising directly by the customer;

  • but most importantly - the correct setting of "Yandex Direct" allows you to reliably estimate the nature of search queries, their frequency, wording and many other very different parameters.

How to set up "Yandex Direct"

And here before the owner of any resource there are two ways to choose:

  1. Seek help from the relevant companies,who are engaged in the complex promotion of sites not only in Runet, but also in the Global Network in general. In this case, all the affairs in their hands will be taken by professionals. However, it is possible that some features of the company's business are unavailable to them, which ultimately can affect the effectiveness of queries. In addition, the services of such companies, of course, are not free.

  2. To understand yourself in Yandex Direct. Customization provides a number of advantages. First, the advertiser himself can flexibly manage the delivery of contextual advertising - after all, who, as not the owner of the resource, is aware of all matters at the enterprise. Secondly, you can significantly save on the services of third-party specialists.

setting up the directive yourself

The obvious drawback of this approach is that in Yandex Direct a self-adjustment requires certain knowledge and skills, preliminary training.

What to look for before organizing an advertising campaign

Any advertisement should sell - it's natural. And at the same time the cost of it should be more than compensated by income. And for this to happen, you need to answer the following questions before starting an advertising campaign in Yandex Direct:

  • how much you can spend on advertising;

  • Whether geographic targeting will be applied;

  • what is the target audience;

  • also need to determine the semantic core of the company - that is, those search queries for which it will work.


In different cases it makes sense to refer to bothhigh-frequency, and to medium- and low-frequency requests. To understand which requests are most in demand, you need to run the "Word Selection" tool and type the word supposed for the query in the text box.

correct setting of Yandex direct

As a result, statistics of search requests will appear in the month with this phrase. Starting from these results, it is necessary to make a semantic core.

Estimation of the budget of an advertising campaign

Setting up "Yandex Direct" yourselfIt also assumes a preliminary estimate of the cost of the advertising campaign. To do this, Yandex has a tool called "Budget Assessment". You need to specify the region where the contextual advertising will be broadcast, and also enter the prospective keys in the left part of the field. After that, the suggested phrases appear on the right, which can either be included in the list of queries in the left field or not included.

set up direct

It remains only to click on the "Calculate" button - and the service will give the estimated cost of the contextual advertising.

When the audience was identified, it was compiledsemantic core, you can proceed directly to specific steps to create a campaign and configure. Below is the step-by-step configuration of "Yandex Direct".

Create an account

First of all, you need to create a new user. To do this, you will need to specify the region of residence and choose one of the items: Light level or Professional. Since in Yandex Direct, setting up by oneself is a delicate matter, one can get bogged down in these subtleties and not see the main thing behind them. It is better to select the item "Easy" at first.

After that, you need to click the "Start using the service" button.

Create a campaign

Next, you will need to create a new campaign. On the page, you'll need to specify the actual campaign name, your name, the start of the campaign and the end date, set the time targeting (hourly display time), regional targeting, etc.

Here, the strategy of promotion is chosen. If an aggressive but expensive campaign is to be carried out, then the item "Highest available position" can be noted. In other cases it is recommended to "Show in the block at the lowest price" - in special placement or in a guaranteed display.

setting up the Yandex directive

It is recommended to characterize also the promoted service or the goods.

Setting up on thematic venues (RSA). If only the search for "Yandex" is performed, but this parameter can be disabled by setting the parameter to 0%.

You will also need to check the "External statistics", "Site monitoring" items.

You will also need to provide an email address, contact phone number, set up SMS notifications or by mail.

Submit an ad

You will need to configure the following items:

  • The title of the ad is the title text that will be visible to Yandex users;

  • the text of the ad - in fact, the text from which the user will know what the announcement is about, what the firm offers, etc .;

  • link to the site where the ad will be transferred;

  • in the fields "Campaign source" and "Campaign channel", specify: "yandex" and "CPC" respectively.

Now you need to click on the blue "Send" button.

You can also fill out the "Quick links" items, which will lead the potential client to other important pages of the site.

Specifying keywords

The adjustment of "Yandex Direct" continues. The instruction instructs in the left text field to enter that set of key phrases that enter the semantic core of the campaign according to the expected frequency of requests, etc.

step-by-step adjustment of Yandex direct

To the announcement made in the previous paragraphwas shown according to the selected queries, these keywords should be enclosed in quotes. In the right field, the results of the queries will be displayed as they will look directly in the search engine "Yandex".

At this stage, you can also fine-tune targeting and negative keywords-that is, phrases or words that the user will be ignored within the campaign.

Choice of CPCs

Here for each key query will be shownthe price for each transfer of the user - depending on where the display will be carried out: in the special offer or in the field of guaranteed delivery.

You can specify your own maximum price - thenhave bid. You can then change the bid per click. The cost of one transition should be coordinated with how much the owner of the resource can afford to spend on an advertising campaign.

Click the "Next" button.

Sending an ad

On this page, you can either add more requests, or send an announcement for moderation in "Yandex". This is done by clicking on the corresponding on-screen buttons.

After some time at the specified timeregistration of the e-mail address will receive a letter with the results from "Yandex": an ad is admitted to the show or not. The reasons for the refusal, however, are not explained, and no recommendations on changing the announcement of "Yandex" in case of refusal do not.

google adwords directive adjustment

It should be noted that enough basic knowledge,to understand how to configure the "Yandex Direct". Google Adwords (the contextual advertising tool from Google) operates on similar principles. However, there are some differences in terms of interaction with the account and other minor differences in the settings.

Apparently, in Yandex Direct there is quite a possibility for self-adjustment, and even the beginner will master the basic possibilities for opening his advertising campaign.

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