/ What is CTR in Yandex Direct? Click through rate CTR

What is CTR in Yandex Direct? Click through rate CTR

They say that advertising is a very profitable business. True, many beginners can argue with this. Their advertising budgets melt before our eyes, bumping into an incomprehensible indicator: CTR. It turns out that this is the most important factor in the algorithm for calculating the cost per click. Let's try to figure out what CTR is in "Yandex .Direct" and how to make friends with it. The question, according to experts, is global. Understanding this factor will save a lot of money on the advertising campaign and earn more.

what is ctr in Yandex direct

A few words about Yandex.

Internet is the most popular platform forto advertise your product or services. There are many companies working here, the essence of which is to organize the interaction of those who want to inform themselves, and webmasters, that is, people who provide their own sites for ads.

The greatest opportunities in this business are the search engines. These are companies engaged in the creation of specialized software. You are constantly confronted with them when you are looking for any information.

"Yandex. Direct "is one of the most popular advertising companies in the Russian-language Internet, it is organized on the basis of the enterprise that created the search engine of the same name." Yandex. Direct "provides services to advertisers and website owners (webmasters) .The first spend money to declare themselves, the latter receive a small part for providing their own sites.

The service, which connects them, naturally,regulates the process. He needs to constantly maintain a balance between the ad and the click on it. Otherwise, it will leave both advertisers and webmasters. Yes, and visitors will find that his services are not of high quality and will go to another search engine. The Internet is a zone of high competition. Now that you understand what topic is stated for discussion, you can go to the heart of the matter. So, what is CTR in Yandex Direct?

Yandex direct training


It should be understood that people involved inadvertising, a lot. They use the same key phrases, therefore, they compete with each other. And the referee is Yandex .Direct. Training, organized by the company, gives some information on this, but not enough.

The goal of Yandex is earning money. He creates rules allowing each advertiser to take as much as possible. For example, the price of a click in Yandex.Direct may vary for similar ads. "Referee" does not look at how much you agree to pay, but on the consumer's response. It's more important for people to move on the ad.

If you understand this point, then find out what isCTR in "Yandex. Direct" and how it affects the budget, it will be easier. Again, the company does not care how much money you are willing to give it, if the ads are created clumsily or do not interest the public. It seeks to get more from each, in the sense of its activity.

price of a click in Yandex direct

What is CTR in "Yandex. Direct"

In technical support this concept is described quiteavailable. CTR (click through rate) is an indicator of the clickability of a banner or ad. The calculation formula includes two metrics: the number of conversions and impressions. CTR is private between them. That is, to get it, you need to divide clicks into impressions. However, not all so simple.

First, Yandex does not immediately consider thisindex. When choosing ads, it is guided first by the predicted CTR. And how "Yandex" gets these data - no one really understands. The same technical support explains that it is guided by the average indicators of similar advertising campaigns, given the karma of the site (if it exists).

The real CTR begins to count only aftera certain number of impressions. For example, in 2016, they should have been at least 400. The price of a click in Yandex.Direct directly depends on this indicator. The smaller it is, the more expensive it will be to display the ad.

how to increase ctr

Logic of sorting of advertising units

Let's look at an example demonstrating howthe clickthrough rate is CTR. We have two advertisers with you. One is willing to pay 20 rubles each. for each action of the client, the second one pities such means. He said the price of 10 p.

Their advertising campaigns worked for a while. As a result, "Yandex" saw that the first one hundred impressions received 5 clicks. Its CTR is 5%. The second advertiser worked his campaign much better. He received a CTR of 15% for the same hundred hits. Well done!

And what does Yandex do? From the first: 20х5 = 100р. From the second: 10х15 = 150р. Who is more profitable to him? This is understandable to anyone, because ads were shown the same number of times. But with a more economical, but diligent advertiser, "Yandex" gets more. It means that he will not fool himself, give priority to this workaholic. And as a bonus - a lower cost per click.

Does CTR only affect the budget?

Advertisers are constantly trying to adapt to the"Yandex. Direct." Training for those wishing to start their own business is being improved. To achieve results and not burn out, it is necessary to be interested in novelties, to study someone else's experience. So, some time ago it was found out that "Yandex" reacts to the entire advertising campaign, and not to a separate banner. He analyzes how scrupulously the expert collected keywords, how they use them when creating ads.

In addition, "Yandex" collects information about eachdomain name. If it is unfavorable, then talk about "karma site." It affects the search result, therefore, raises the price of the click. To know specifically whether there is anything negative about your site, you can only experiment. You need to create two identical ads that lead to different addresses. At the price offered by the service, you will understand, to which he has a better attitude.

ctr click through rate rate

How do I improve CTR?

The experts have a lot of opinions on thisissue. Most of them tend to the fact that it is necessary to work out ads. First, collect all the possible keys. Their quality "Yandex" will certainly analyze when it will check your campaign. The more quality the keywords, the lower the price. These experts have found out in practice.

The second place in the matter of increasing CTR is itselfad. The key phrase should be in the title and the text. It should be quoted when you create a campaign. "Yandex" understands this sign as a desire to advertise on the exact occurrence of words. And this eliminates unnecessary, non-targeted displays. Therefore, it does not reduce the CTR.

Stop words

There is a feature in the service that allows you not to showads for specific queries. They are called "stop words". For example, you want to advertise fur coats. Naturally, all requests with this word must be calculated and taken into service. When you collect key phrases, carefully read them. There necessarily will be "herring under the fur coat" and much more. Such requests, if not forbidden, will reduce our rate, increase the entire campaign. That is, when creating advertising, it is most important to work out key phrases.

click-through rate ctr

Audience selection

Also an important point. "Yandex" is guided by key phrases. However, not all those who write requests have money or opportunities to purchase goods or order services. This part of the audience should be cut off. To do this, there is a location by age, geographical location. You do not need people from Magadan to watch the announcement of the sale of flowers in Yalta? They still will not spend a penny on them, there is no such possibility for these citizens. Therefore, you should once again look carefully at whom you offer your services. Make a portrait of a likely buyer, look at it. Then "Yandex" will please you with a large CTR, and the campaign itself - with serious incomes. Good luck!

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