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Management: what is this profession? Professions related to management

One of the most popular specialties at theToday, which young people choose after receiving secondary education - management. What is this profession? Who can the manager work with? Let's talk about this in this article.

Where to go to study

One of the most difficult questions for parentsteenagers about where to give to study their child after graduation. Only one in ten children can clearly say who he wants to become. As a rule, these guys are not so interested in earnings, most of all they want to learn the business, beloved since childhood.

management what kind of profession is it

If neither the young man nor the girl is aware,who they want to work for, then parents come to the aid of choosing a specialty. Choose the most often the most popular, in their opinion, faculties - jurisprudence, finance or management.

What professions can a manager choose for himself? How much can a manager earn? Is it difficult to study in this specialty? We will deal with these questions in turn.

About the profession - subject and method

Management - what is this profession? How long have managers appeared since the name is relatively modern? Meanwhile, management refers to one of the oldest professions known to man. This term has many definitions, but briefly, management is management, and the manager is the one who controls the process or the object.

management what trades

At all times, any enterprise neededthe manager, the one who will set the path for the development of activity. This person may not possess a profession specific to this enterprise, but has a good knowledge of how to sell the goods produced in the enterprise, or how to expand. The activity of the manager for today has not changed. Receiving a diploma in the specialty "management", a student must have knowledge that will enable him to become an effective leader.

Is it difficult to teach a specialty "management"

What kind of profession is this, we have already figured out. Will it be difficult to study in this specialty? Of course, each person has his own inclinations. So, training does not seem difficult for those who have a humanitarian mindset, analytical abilities. In the first year general subjects like higher mathematics or informatics are obligatory, but there will not be exactly strength and physics. Starting from the second year, students will increasingly pay attention to economic specialties. Introduction to the profession management also begins with the second course, the first students will lay the foundation of political economy. By the end of the university they will receive the maximum amount of knowledge about the management of the enterprise, processes, people.

Management Units

To date, the person who heads thethis or that enterprise, it is customary to call the manager, while the employees responsible for the activities of a particular service are classified as top management. It's clear that the larger the enterprise, the more different services (operating departments or units) there can be. For example, how many units in the store? Acceptance of goods, storage, placement of goods in the storefront, sale of goods, turnover of funds. In addition, there is still accounting, which deals with tax accounting, calculation of wages, profits. If it is a manufacturing enterprise, then there will be much more services.

Who can work as a manager in an enterprise?

What unit can be headed by a manager? There are various specialties related to management. For example, financial management - a profession is closely related to the turnover of funds, their accounting and control. Having received a specialty with this name, a student can work in a bank, at any enterprise in the financial department, and engage in auditing.

management of the organization what a profession

Very popular with students today and"organisation management". What kind of profession? It is more general in nature and implies knowledge of the functioning of the enterprise as a whole, the ways of its development in the domestic market, the access to the external one.

Management in sports is suitable for those who are keenthis or that kind of sports activity. If an athlete wants to develop, create his own team, then he can get such an education. The management of foreign economic activity will allow the specialist to work successfully in the foreign market if the enterprise makes transactions related to export and import.

Who can get a student after graduation

It's naive to believe that after you geteducation in the specialty of "management", you will immediately be taken to an interesting position in the top management of the enterprise. Nevertheless, the general knowledge gained in higher education, and the real life with real problems - these are two big differences.

financial management profession

Therefore, if you do not have the opportunity to get settled"By blat", it is better to start building a career with getting some not very high position. For example, you want to become a manager of a large retail chain of stores. Let you have studied at the university how to deal with competitors, increase profits and how to motivate employees. But you do not know how this happens in practice! There is nothing shameful in working half a year or a year as a consultant in a store, then becoming a hall administrator. You will see how the store works, what employees think about it, buyers. Taking a higher position based on the experience gained and your knowledge, you will be able to make effective management decisions.

Professions related to management

Recently, many professions have appeared with the prefix "manager". Since we found out that management is management, then professions may not have any relation to the economy.

professions related to management

SMM-manager - a person who promotes and promotes sites. The abbreviation SMM stands for Social Media Marketing.

Content manager - the person responsible for filling content (information) sites.

The arbitration manager is a person who, in the course of his activities, is engaged in helping enterprises that are on the verge of bankruptcy.

Developer-manager - a person who is engaged in the development of the company, increasing its recognition in the market.

A business coach is a person who (most oftenbased on his experience) tells how you can become a successful manager or take your company to the TOP. In order to become a business coach, you need to have a big name or a well-developed business, otherwise someone will want to learn from you.

A brand manager is a specialist who promotes the name (brand) of an organization. Organizes concerts, promo-actions, events, which will increase the popularity of the company.

introduction to the profession management

And finally

Now you have a more comprehensive view ofsuch specialty as management, what kind of profession. As you can see, not always a manager can work who graduated only from the economic faculty. If you feel in yourself the managerial abilities and interest in this profession, then boldly enter the university for this specialty.

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