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What subjects should I take on a manager: advice and recommendations for applicants

More and more school students are interested,what items need to hand over to the manager. The thing is that "management" - a very common now specialty. After graduation, you can become a manager in a particular field. But what is required to know about admission? What items will you need to pass in order to become a manager? Where can I go for further training? To understand all this is not so difficult. Of course, it is necessary to first choose an educational institution, which you can enter, then there to clarify the exams for admission to the manager. But in general, the enrollment process will be the same in all higher education institutions.

what items need to hand over to the manager

Management is ...

What items should I take to the manager? Before you find out the answer to this question, you first need to understand what kind of profession you are talking about. After all, schoolchildren try to choose either perspective directions of training, or those where they simply learn. Management, as already mentioned, is a very common direction of training.

But who will be the citizen after the release? Does it make any sense to acquire this profession? The manager is the manager. Most often we are talking about sales. And any - both in the field of IT, and in ordinary stores.

In Russia, the profession of a manager is consideredboth prospective and useless. High competition - that's what will have to face. And the seller in the store will be able to work even a person without a diploma. It will not be possible to reach the heights of all. That is why the manager's profession is not respected by parents and is preferred by applicants. This is a humanitarian direction, it's easier to learn than, for example, a programmer. And if you just want to get at least some diploma, you can think about what items you need to hand over to the manager.

List of subjects

Management is a common humanitariandirection of training. And practically every schoolboy knows what exams he will have to pass after the 11th grade for admission. It is worth noting that there are no additional tests and contests for prospective students as prospective students. Therefore, it will be sufficient to successfully pass the USE. And to submit documents to this or that institution for training.

where to enter the manager

But what items should I take on the manager? At the moment it is:

  • Russian language;
  • mathematics;
  • Social Studies.

The last exam is profile. Actually the main one. It is for him to be the first to evaluate the entrants. Given that now in Russia they plan all the exams to be divided into ordinary and profile ones, it is simply necessary to know that social studies for the manager are of paramount importance.

where to go

No more tests, tests or complicated items to hand over will not have to. And where to go to the manager? This is a rather difficult question. After all, there are a lot of training options.

Among them are:

  1. Admission to the University. After the 11th grade, after passing the Russian language, mathematics and social studies, you can enter the direction of "Management" in almost any university in the country. This direction exists both in Moscow State University and MGIMO. You can also pay attention to any humanitarian universities.
  2. Education in college. At the moment in Russia, the manager is offered to learn even after the 9th grade. Or after 11 - depending on the school. It is worth paying attention to the liberal arts colleges. There necessarily will be a direction "management" or separate specialties such as "advertising manager", "sales manager".
  3. Retraining. Most often, retraining is already at work. Or on courses from the labor exchange.
  4. Course passing. Not the best solution, but the manager's profession can be mastered at specialized courses. They are organized, as a rule, by private training centers. There will not be any entrance examinations.

Now it is clear where to study for a manager. As practice shows, universities are the most in demand. After the termination of training it is possible without any special problems to work in the field of management.

where to study for a manager

Training period

And how many are trained in the chosen direction? It all depends on what kind of educational institution a person turned to. In high school on a baccalaureate study 4 years, in a magistracy - still 2. In colleges the average term of reception of a specialty will be same, as in high school (baccalaureate). Upgrading courses require about 6 months of retraining. And if you visit private centers, you can become a manager for both 2 months and a year.

It is worth noting that in some universities,in addition to these exams, may require the surrender of a few more subjects. It all depends on the nature of the institution and the specific direction. What items need to hand over to the manager in addition in some cases? It:

  • geography;
  • biology;
  • physics;
  • chemistry;
  • history.
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