/ / "Nobel's last will": a pseudoscientific detective or an intriguing political thriller?

"The last will of Nobel": a pseudo-scientific detective or an intriguing political thriller?

"The last will of Nobel" - a decent and tightly shot detective with elements of a thriller, the rate in which is done solely on the atmosphere.

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This fact can not but rejoice, because the directordid not follow the easy path, having stuffed the picture with numerous frank demonstrations of spectacular and spectacular bloody murders. Nevertheless, "The Last Will of Nobel" (2012) contains elements of the classic suspense. Anxious anxiety, an exhilarating expectation does not leave the viewer during the whole timing of the film. For this, above all, honor and praise to the director Peter Flint, who did not disgrace the dignity of Swedish and Danish cinema, which, after the release of the film "Girl with a Dragon Tattoo" became in the blink of an eye the world brand. However, with the above masterpiece, unfortunately, P. Flint's film can not be compared, it is very even, right. The absence of strong impressive moments, which could become a much-needed shake-up for the viewer, does not have a wide spectator audience for direct participation in what is happening on the screen. You simply observe the development of the plot. But even so, it's fair to say that with each new episode, emotional outbursts are becoming stronger and more frequent, which in organic interaction with the saturated action can not but rejoice.

The plot and its development

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The plot of the film "The Last Will of Nobel" afternot a very long tie unfolds quite famously, but in a different way and can not be. Think for yourself: how can a "journalistic detective" with a traditional way out to the higher echelons of power be measured? At the same time, the authors managed to maintain the main intrigue to the very end of the climax. The middle of the tape is adequately served as a dynamic investigation, but not even the essence itself. According to the author of this article, the main plot of the film is contained in the intriguing personality of the main antagonist. As the plot of candidates for this role develops, there will be enough, but all of them with every turn of the story line will be eliminated, because of their violent death, that is, murder. The viewer expects a fairly wide range of suspects, so every looker will even involuntarily join in his own investigation to independently get to the truth. And the whole action begins with a celebration on the occasion of the awarding of the same Nobel Prize, in which reporter Anika Bengstson is present. A woman witnesses the murder of a rather influential official. As a true journalist, despite the police ban, the main character begins a private investigation, which gradually leads her to a sensational clue. Pseudoscientific detective, now and then briskly switching to a thriller, then to an action - that's what the Nobel's Last Will is. Reviews, incidentally, the picture is very contradictory, but more positive, the third part - neutral, although there are a few negative.

Musical flavor

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The only thing that all critics noted unanimously- this is the musical accompaniment of A. Norden. Music in the film "The Last Will of Nobel" is quite tough and tense, but some element of mystery, mystery in the sound, unexpected real overtures gave fresh notes. In any case, the musical accompaniment of the detective is not traditional for a thriller. At the same time, all experiments of the composer were perfectly combined with the ongoing action. Already in order to appreciate the efforts of Norden, you can recommend this film to view.

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