/ What is the best psychological thriller?

What is the best psychological thriller

In the world there is a huge amountkinomanov, and just lovers to spend their evening in the company of an interesting film. Most of them have their own preferences in choosing a genre. For someone it's a comedy, for someone fiction, someone likes drama, but someone likes psychological thrillers.

What to say - this is a very burning genre,which simply "catches your brains". But once it is worth mentioning that in this situation there are different options. That is, films of this genre - they are different. And how to choose the best psychological thriller? After all, there are actually a lot of them! What is the best psychological thriller?

best psychological thriller
It is necessary to recognize that for many the solution of this issue is a real problem. But first things first.

There are those psychological thrillers that do notbelong to the category of horror. There's no human blood flowing in the river. But at the same time there is a human psychology. These are films about mania, phobias and other problems of man with his psyche. There are no ghosts or monsters here. However, without this, a quality film of this type will keep the viewer in suspense all the time watching. Even more, such a movie will necessarily leave an emotional imprint. Here we are talking about the human soul, and the audience is reminded once again that the most terrible beast is just the same person.

Needless to say, after this, it will certainly be scary to return at night to one

good psychological thriller
home. What concerns this genre? "Law-abiding citizen", "Candy", Illusion of Flight "," Secret Window "," I'm Enough! "And many others. With certainty, several of these works so definitely claim to be called only the best psychological thriller. Well, or at least - a good psychological thriller.

And there is another version of psychological thrillers. These films also just grab their viewers, but they do it in a slightly different way. It's about the category of films that can be safely recorded in horror as well. A perfect example is the "Psycho" by Alfred Hitchcock. Although, this film is already old, but still.

the best psychological thriller
Well, how not to remember here about the films "The Islandcursed "and" Silence of the Lambs ". These two works certainly claim to be called "the best psychological thriller." With all this it is worth noting that these works can be attributed to both the first and the second category. The fact is that on the one hand we are talking about the human psyche, about what it does. But on the other hand, such films can not be called horror films.

By the way, these two filmsdeserved the title of the best. That is, each of them really has the right to be called "the best psychological thriller". However, for all this, do not say that absolutely everyone agrees with this position. Yes, according to course, the majority, but here some put in the rank of the best completely different pictures. This same "Law-abiding citizen" and "Psycho". And you can not say that such people are fundamentally wrong. In the end, the taste and color of friends is not.

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