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Do you know what is the most famous invention of Nobel?

The most famous invention of Nobel
It's hard to find someone who does not know whosuch Alfred Nobel. Of course, it can be assumed that not everyone is familiar with his activities and do not know what achievements, in addition to the invention of the most popular explosives, he has become world famous, but the Nobel Prize is heard by the whole of mankind.

Since the school day, this inventor startedseriously take a great interest in chemistry and physics. He did not lose interest in these sciences and in adulthood. The father created for him a small laboratory in which he conducted his experiments for many years, and it was not in vain, because the most famous invention of Nobel received worldwide fame almost instantly.

It should be noted that Alfred was interested inin the first explosives. He worked with nitroglycerin, trying to tame it. The main problem, over which he fought for a long time, was the manufacture of a detonator. But even this turned out to be completely feasible - the metal capsule, previously filled with mercury, coped with the task perfectly. So, from the mixture of nitroglycerin and a number of organic substances, Nobel's most famous invention, called dynamite, was obtained.

invention of an alfral noel
He was the first to achieve that with the explosivesubstance work was safe. The scientist mixed nitroglycerin with absorbent materials - as a result, a powder appeared that exploded only after a special detonator worked. As soon as Nobel's invention was patented, he immediately suggested using it to the Swedish railway workers as a means for laying tunnels. Dynamite has proven itself from the first days: it was with the help of directed explosions that tunnels were created in the mountains, river channels were cleared, channels were created.

But soon the most famous invention of Nobelnot only for peaceful purposes. Although he did not want the glory of the "merchant on the blood," as his contemporaries called him, and was an opponent of wars, but dynamite gained the greatest popularity precisely when used in military operations. This was one of the reasons why the inventor established an international award. As you know, it celebrates world achievements in science, literature and activities aimed at strengthening peace.

A few years after the planet waspresented the most famous invention Nobel, the genius was able to surpass himself and produced an even more powerful explosive - smokeless powder, called ballistite.

Invention Nobel
These most outstanding achievements have been eclipsedothers. Although in all, Alfred Nobel has issued 355 patents in his entire life. But he was not engaged exclusively in scientific activities, he owned 93 companies that were in 20 countries. In total, they produced 66.5 tons of various explosives each year.

In those days, the greatest benefit of the inventionAlfred Nobel brought it from using it for peaceful purposes. Promoted by active construction, laying mines and tunnels, clearing roads, dynamite began to be used even for drilling operations.

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