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Ilya Aksenov - famous director and actor

In the Russian cinematography every yearthere are more and more faces. Actors, directors, screenwriters and so on. Young and ambitious Ilya Aksenov was able to break through this crowd and received great recognition. And this is not surprising: after all, he is booing with new youth director's ideas.

Ilya Aksenov - a new face

The director was born in Tula on May 1, 1989. From a young age began to engage in sports such as sambo, freestyle wrestling and judo. When he was seventeen years old, he went to Moscow. There he continues his studies at the Higher School of Economics. At the same time he plays in the KVN team, he comes up with different humorous videos.

Ilya Aksenov

Career growth of Aksenov

Ilya Aksenov begins his career as a2012 year. Then he creates his first funny TV series "Beware: children!". The plot of the film tells about the children of the twenty-first century. They are modern, spend a lot of time at the computer. For them, there is no concept of "playing on the street." Because of this, and there are various curious stories.

In 2014, Ilya Aksenov comes up with a new series"Family of 3D." It deals with the life of three completely different families. They have different social status and prosperity. One family lives in full prosperity, the second is barely making ends meet.

Student life becomes for the young IlyaAksenova sense of life. Participation in the Club of merry and resourceful pushes him to create a comedy youth series "Students", which was aired in 2014. In this series, you can meet a money-hungry teacher, and a very beautiful girl who likes everyone, and a silly student, and computer players, and others.

Ilya Aksenov director
Short film "Society of Anonymousoptimists "is published in 2015. It's about how a young man named Boris is in a deep nervous tension. Because of this, he gets drunk. Having met his friend Kostya, he gives him some good advice: go to the Society of Anonymous Optimists. Will Boris help there?

In his films Aksyonov chooses such actors who really fit in the plot of his films.

Ilya Aksenov is a director, who liked many spectators.

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