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Ilya Lazerson: biography of the best chef

This charming man with a bald head causessurrounding sympathy. He is not a famous actor or singer, but he certainly has an interest in it. Russia and neighboring Ukraine as the best skilful chef known Ilya Lazerson. Children, family, secrets of popularity, as well as other details of Ilya's biography will be disclosed in this article.

Best cook-pupil

Ilya was born in 1964. As a native Ukrainian, he loved to eat delicious from childhood. After studying at an English high school, he returned to his native town of Rivne. Ilya Lazerson, whose biography includes a lot of interesting information, entered the technical college of Soviet trade at the age of 15. Here he studied for four years. Successful in studying culinary disciplines, Lazerson remained the best student. It is no wonder that he graduated with distinction from technical school.

Ilya Laserson biography

Three times to study

In 1984, Ilya was called to the service. In the ranks of the Soviet Army, he further improved the skills of cooking. It seemed that the kitchen was his vocation, but what else did Ilya Lazerson want? The biography contains the fact that for Ilya the experience gained was insufficient: in 1991 it was produced from a technological institute, which is located in Leningrad, with a red diploma in his hands. Acquired specialty is the technology of bread production.

In the northern capital, Lazerson intendsto settle permanently. To begin with, he arranges a regular chef at the prestigious Grand Europe hotel, and then moves on to a number of other restaurants in the city, where he serves for several years. When the "Club of Chefs" was looking for a president, it became clear to everyone who would take this vacant place - Ilya Lazerson. The biography of a culinary master is not limited to one position. So, in 2008, Ilya Isaakovich opens a school-studio, where he conducts classes for everyone who wants to improve his culinary skills.

Honored recognition

Many admirers of his talent are interested in the question: "Why this profession?" In her few interviews, Lazerson tells us that her life was pushed by her choice. Parents (father-engineer and mother-teacher) spent a lot of time at work, and he himself had to cook. In addition, studies in London meant independence and the ability to feed themselves. So the idea of ​​the future occupation was born, which Ilya Lazerson devoted all his life.

Iliya Laserson family

The biography of this person does not contain anyspecial information, and at first glance it may seem that Ilya is the most ordinary person. As recognized by Lazerson, so it is. He never abuses his status as a recognizable person and still blushes when they speak of his merits. He chose his way consciously - it so happened that after trying once, Ilya was drawn into cooking.

For his creative work, he learned a lotnew about food products and their interrelations. Lazerson is the author of a number of books that reveal the secrets of a good cook, who, according to Ilya, should in seconds determine how to prepare a delicious dinner from the products on the table.

In magic in the kitchen, Lazerson is helpedexcellent knowledge of chemistry. But not even this, but, rather, the acquired theoretical and practical experience allows you to look at the process of cooking from another side.

Ilya Isaakovich admits that working in the bestrestaurants in St. Petersburg allowed him to meet with famous people. So, in "Flora" Maya Plisetskaya had dinner, and once Lazerson prepared a business-menu for Vladimir Putin. Well, this recognition is worth a lot!

Home cosiness

Given the "no man's business", what he does,fans are interested in what place in the home kitchen is Ilya Lazerson. The family of the recognized chef consists of Natalia's wife, who also cooks well, but concedes to Ilya the opportunity to "brew" a delicious dish, as well as two children. But while the son and daughter did not decide whether in the footsteps of his father. In any case, Ilya Isaakovich will always be able to show them a master class.

Ilya Laserson children

By the way, Lazerson has found an application for his occupation and on television. He became the presenter of several culinary broadcasts, going on TV channels and radio stations in St. Petersburg.

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