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Lucas Michael David: biography, career, photo

Lucas Michael is the most famous Americandirector and actor of pornographic films. He owns a large corporation for the production of porn films for gays in New York. Recently the young man showed himself as a talented writer.


Lucas Michael David is a pseudonym. His real name is Trevas Andrey Lvovich. The actor was born in Russia on March 10, 1972 in a Jewish family. He lived in Moscow, where he entered the law academy.

Lucas Michael

In 1995 he graduated from the institute and received a diplomalawyer. But Lucas is a creative person, so he did not become a lawyer. From the age of twenty the young man began to engage in modeling business. Agency Wella, with whom Andrei collaborated, invited him to participate in the contest in Germany. The future celebrity agreed with pleasure.

Career porn actor

In 1995, Lucas Michael lives in Munich. Here he began to engage in acting as a pornographic genre. In 1996 he moved to Paris and met the famous French director Jean-Diniel Kadino. During their cooperation, Andrey Treivas starred in the first porn film for gays. During this period, he finally determined his orientation. A young actor has always felt a desire for men, in his opinion, they do not become gays, but are born.

Lucas Michael David

In 1997, the actor received an invitation from theAmerican major media corporation Falcon Exclusive. The film studio was engaged in the production of porn films for men of non-traditional orientation. So Andrew Treivas moved to New York and became Lucas Michael. After 7 years of residence in the US received American citizenship.

Directing activity

Lucas Michael wanted to be not just an actor, hedreamed of success and glory. On his savings in 1998, he decided to open his own porn studio. It was a small office, which eventually turned into a major New York company Lucas Entertainment.

Lucas Michael David is a writer

Eighteen years ago, Michael first triedhimself in the role of director of porn and filmed a film called Michael Lucas "La Dolce Vita." In the film for men of non-traditional orientation, celebrities of show business took part.The beginning filmmaker spent more than 250 thousand dollars on creating the film. In 2007, his debut film was recognized the best in the porn industry.

Lucas Michael is not only a citizenAmerica, but also Israel. The latter country has special significance for the director and actor. Every year he visits Israel to conduct a show for gays. It also belongs to the LGBT community in Tel Aviv. Lucas Michael is the first director to make a porn film for gays in Israel. In the film, only Jewish actors were shot.

Lucas's first book

The famous New York director of gay porn has a sharp mind and correctly delivered speech. He leads columns in magazines dedicated to the themes of the LGBT community.

Michael Lucas

In 2013, a historical novel was written"The oracle of Istanbul" (The Oracle of Stamboul), the author of the work is Lucas Michael David. The writer tells about the incredible story of the life of the girl-orphan Eleanor in the period of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. In prose, a fairy tale and a story are intertwined. The book is written in English, it was translated into many other languages, including Russian. The novel is presented as an audiobook.

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