/ / "Weeping Killer": actor of the 90's Mark Dakaskos in the cult thriller

"Crying Killer": actor of the 90's Mark Dakaskos in the cult thriller

The actor of the film "Weeping Slayer" Mark Dakaskos wascult star of the 90s. The militant about the killer-freeman, who defends the Chinese people for thousands of years, became one of the most discussed paintings in Russia in 1995. The markets sold thousands of copies of tapes featuring Dakaskos, and for domestic audiences Mark remained the personification of masculinity and strength in the cinema.

The history of Freeman, the protector of the Chinese people

The picture of Christophe Hans tells the story of potter Yo, mysteriously turned into the main attacking power of the Dragons.

crying killer actor

Dragons are an ancient Chinese cult that protectspeople from invaders and criminals for thousands of years. Their executioner Freeman has a superhuman talent to destroy enemies and remain unnoticed. No one should know what Freeman looks like. His face is waiting for death by the hands of the executioner of the Dragons.

"Crying killer": acting and world-class tragedy

Yo - the new Freeman, who unquestioningly fulfilledits duty to destroy enemies. But one day he makes a mistake: a young artist accidentally becomes a witness of a crime involving the executioner. Freeman must kill an innocent girl, Dragons demand it.

But Yo can not overcome the attraction to a pretty artist (actress Julie Condra). Contrary to the will of the brothers, Freeman saves his sacrifice.

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"Crying killer" (actor - Mark Dakaskos) - so the executioner was nicknamed the enemy for a tear that flows down the cheek after each task.

Keeping the life of Miss O'Hare, Joe questions his attachment to the clan, the dragons are unhappy with the willfulness of the executioner.

The struggle for power in the city is exacerbated. Yakuza dreams of revenge against Freeman, who killed the leader's son. Dragons can lose the death-carrying executioner - but honor is more expensive.

Saving O "HARU," Crying Killer "(actor Dakaskos) reveals her past to the artist and becomes her protection.

the main actor is a crying killer
Now Freeman must defeat not only the Yakuzu, but also the sons of the Dragon, who are fighting against his captivity.

Mark Dakaskos: in the role of Yo and not only

After the release of the militant world fame did not makewait: Dakaskos woke up famous, because he is the main actor. "Crying killer" personified a classic of the genre of the Japanese action movie, although the picture was also shot on the territory of Canada, the United States and France.

In the 90's, movies with spectacular fights had the greatest success at the box office, in comparison with less spectacular fighters. In the movie "Crying Killer" actor Mark Dakaskos himself performed all the tricks.

Since childhood, Dakaskos was fond of martial arts: his mother and father taught his son the art of battle. Now he is doing stunts for movies and teaches his own style of kung fu.

The last work of Mark - in the director's chair on "Showdown in Manila," a Russian-American action movie with a classic plot.

crying killer actor
He entrusted the main role of the picture to AlexanderNevsky. Critics reacted coldly to the creation of Mark, and the opinions of the audience were divided. Fans of the militants of the 90s enthusiastically appreciated the idea of ​​the picture, and the modern generation found staging tricks and action "for C grade." The apparent similarity with the "Expendables" - from the poster to the star composition - did not bring the film a box office success.

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