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Actor Mark Singer: career, films

What is known about such an actor as, Mark Singer? How did his career start in Hollywood cinema? What films with the participation of an artist deserve attention to a wide audience? All this can be learned from the following material.

Childhood and youth

Mark Singer

Mark Singer was born on January 29, 1948in the city of Vancouver, Canada. The boy was born in a creative, musical family. The father of the future artist at that time was a conductor in one of the local orchestras. My mother was a pianist. Together, the couple often traveled with tours in Canada and the United States. Among other things, the sisters and brothers of the boy possessed good creative talents, who were also musicians.

Mark Singer spent his childhood in the townCorpus Christi, Texas, where the family moved to live soon after the birth of their youngest son. Here the guy got a good education. The boy not only showed successes in his studies, but also showed the surrounding artistic abilities. In particular, little Mark Singer regularly participated in performances on the school theater scene.

Parents wanted the child to repeat their fateand became a musician. However, after reaching the age of majority Mark Singer has firmly decided to become an actor. For this young artist went to New York, where he began to participate in Broadway theatrical productions. Rapid successes on the stage prompted the guy that he was not mistaken in his own choice.

Debut in the movie

mark singer movies

In 1983, a young talented theaterthe artist was noticed by the directors of the successful television series "Division-5". The actor received, albeit a minor, but rather remarkable role, which made his face recognizable. Further on, he followed the shooting in a whole series of rather promising TV series, among which there are such films as "Recruits", "Barnaby Jones", "Young and Darcy", "Planet of the Apes", "Visions", "Journeys from the Darkness".

Simultaneously with working in films, Mark Singer, filmswho enjoyed success, began to participate in the sound of animation tapes. The charismatic artist, who possessed a voice and was able to clearly express emotions through a competent change in intonations, was able to excellently reveal the images of cartoon characters. Soon the talent of the artist was appreciated by a wide audience, and he had a whole mass of fans.

The first major success

Mark Singer

The real celebrity was the actorparticipation in the science fiction series "V: The Last Battle". Mark Singer played the main role in the project, which was shot in 1984. Here the artist acted in the image of a hero who rescues the planet from an alien invasion.

According to the plot of the picture, the character of Singerfinds that the earth is trying to capture lizard-like creatures. The hero organizes resistance, whose members are engaged in the identification and destruction of aliens.

The series "V: The Last Battle "was enthusiastically received by the audience. And it's not surprising, because in the 80's on the wide screens came out extremely few high-quality science fiction films. The very same Mark Singer became one of the most successful television actors of that time.


v The last battle of Mark Singer

On the account of Mark Singer shooting in dozens of films. Among the most successful films with the actor's participation, it is worth noting the following projects:

  • "V: The Last Battle" (1984);
  • "The Twilight Zone" (1985);
  • "Under cover of night" (1990);
  • "The Dead Space" (1990);
  • The Berlin Conspiracy (1992);
  • "Highlander" (1992);
  • "On the verge of death" (1994);
  • "Cyberzone" (1995);
  • "Street Justice" (1996);
  • "Los Angeles Police" (2001);
  • "On the hook" (2008);
  • "Think like a criminal" (2011);
  • "Arrow" (2012);
  • "Beauty and the Beast" (2012);
  • "The last letter" (2013).

Currently, Mark Singer is engaged inteaching activities. The former star of television series teaches stage skills of students of the International Institute of Music and Theater in the city of New Hampshire.

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