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Mark Pellegrino: American actor, a typical performer of secondary roles

The popular American film actor Mark Pellegrino(photo is presented in the article), was born on April 9, 1965 in Los Angeles, California. Career began in 1984, playing a small role in the movie "Hunter" directed by James Whitmore.

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Carier start

Then followed a series of roles of the second plan inlow-budget film projects, such as: "Hunted", "Fatal Number", "Big Lebowski." Mark Pellegrino in his youth took up any role to quickly gain experience. And on the whole he succeeded, with each new character the actor felt more and more confident. The directors noticed the diligent performer and began to trust him more responsible roles. Mark's appearance corresponded to characters of a dramatic nature.

His first creative success was Mark Pellegrinoconsiders the role of Paul in the TV series "Dexter", an extravagant and uncontrollable ex-husband of a close friend of the protagonist. The leitmotif in the relationship between Dexter and Paul was mutual dislike, and since both actors in real life are characterized by a mild, non-conflicting character, they had to work hard to play their characters with a high degree of certainty.

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First Prize

In 2009, Mark Pellegrino starred in the rolemysterious Jacob, a character from the series "Stay alive". The role was small, but it was carrying a significant mythological load. The actor managed to create an image through which writers and the director were able to express their vision of one of the secondary and at the same time significant characters in the series. For the role of Jacob Mark was awarded the "Saturn" in the nomination "Best work in the drama series." The award was received in 2010.


The success of Pellegrino in the role of Jacob revealed to himthe road to the series "Supernatural", which was launched in 2005 and is being filmed so far. Creator Eric Kripke offered Mark the role of Lucifer, a fallen angel. The infernal character appears in the fifth season and becomes one of the central figures of action. After this role, Mark Pellegrino became a truly famous actor. Career went up the hill, creative growth was evident.

In 2011, Mark Pellegrino played anothera secondary role that was no less significant on the general background of events taking place in the series "Be a Man". The character of a vampire named Boston, who turned from a man into a terrible ghoul more than three hundred years ago, demanded a subtle psychological interpretation, and the actor brilliantly coped with a difficult task.

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Mark Pellegrino, filmography

In his career, the actor starred in more than one hundred and twenty roles. Below is a sample list of films and television series with his participation:

  • "Deadly Beauty" (1987), character - Frankenstein;
  • "Without rules" (1989), the role of Randy;
  • "Nightlife" (1989), the role of Alain;
  • "Prayer of the Roller" (1990), Bengo;
  • "Blood and Concrete" (1991), the role of Bart;
  • "Police Commissar" (1991), Joe Lande's character;
  • "The North Side" (1992), the character of Rolf Hauser;
  • "Lethal Weapon" (1992), the role of Billy Phelps;
  • "The Renegade" (1992), the character of Cletus Fried;
  • "Midnight Witness" (1993), the role of Patterson;
  • "The Knight of the Roads" (1994), Robert Lee;
  • "The Last Cowboy" (1994), Sommers;
  • "First Aid" (1996), Nathan Conley;
  • "Cherokee" (1996), the character of Frank Bonner;
  • "The Sentinel" (1996), the role of Ray;
  • "Little surprises" (1996), Jack;
  • "The Prison of Mackon County" (1997), the role of Dan Oldum;
  • "The Police of New York" (1997), the character of Frank Watkins;
  • "Big Lebowski" (1998), Jackie;
  • "The Crow Killer" (1989), the character of Professor Arthur Corvus;
  • "Club Life" (1999), the role of Lipton;
  • "X-Files" (1999), the character of Durwood Spinks;
  • "Ellie Parker" (2001), Justin;
  • "Thieves" (2001), Bill;
  • "Monsters" (2001), Sally Spinelli;
  • "Killer next door" (2002), the character of China Shvanna;
  • "Hunted" (2003), the character of Dale Hewitt;
  • "Moving Alan" (2003), the role of Alan Kennard;
  • "Zelda" (2003), the character of Reginald;
  • "Amnesia" (2004), the character of Jimmy Schmidt;
  • "Ellie Parker" (2005), the role of Justin;
  • "Coffee House" (2006), Tom;
  • "Anatomy of Passion" (2007), the role of Chris;
  • "Black Mark" (2007), the character of Quentin King;
  • "The Knight of the Roads" (2008), the role of Walter Cuperton;
  • "Cover" (2008), the character of Ron Pebble.

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Personal life

The actor is an exemplary family man, he has long been married to Tracey Aziz, who works as an assistant director. Mark is in excellent relations with her daughter from the first marriage of Tess.

In his spare time Pellegrino engaged in combatarts, loves fiction and never watches TV. Mark recently has a "hobby" - twice a week he goes to the movies with his wife and watches movies with his participation.

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