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Will there be a sequel to "Twilight" or the whole truth about the 6th part of the saga

The world-famous vampire saga called"Twilight" broke all records of popularity among different age categories of viewers, especially among young audiences. Success is determined by a touching and sincere love story between a man and a vampire. Several years ago, the last part of the film appeared on the screens based on novels written by Stephanie Meyer. Until now, many questions are interested in whether there will be a continuation - "Twilight 6", on the basis of which product will be withdrawn 6 part, will the former actors remain?

Saga of incredible love and devotion

To date, a lot of information has beenthe continuation of the story of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. The film saga "Twilight" is so fond of viewers that it's hard to part with it. The screen version is based on the best-selling novelist from America - Stephanie Meyer. The first part appeared on the screens in 2008 after three years of careful development.

Will the sequel to Twilight

Initially, it was assumed that history would enthralla category of people of adolescence, but no one expected that many viewers from different countries would love this film. The "Twilight" saga (the first part) has collected more than 400 million dollars, having paid for all the costs of shooting for the first week of the show in theaters.

Released 6 parts of the film

A year later, the audience saw the second part of the sagaunder the name "New Moon". In 2010 and 2011 came two more parts: "Eclipse" and "Dawn. Part one". Fans eagerly awaited the end of the exciting love story, as Bella and Edward got in the way of new obstacles. After the show in 2012, the final part, no one could have guessed that there could be a continuation of the movie "Twilight". To date, there are many versions. One of them - the release of the series "Twilight". The release date of the film is still unknown to anyone, but based on the comments of employees of the company "Summit Int'lment", before 2017 more accurate data should not be expected.

Obstacles to film adaptation

On many Internet sources you can meet andThe title of the sixth part is "The Decline of Eternity". For the fans of the saga, this gives high hopes and positively answers the question whether there will be a continuation ("Twilight-6"). In part 6, it is planned to narrate the events that occurred some time after the bout with the Volturi. One of the clan's representatives, Aro, asks for help from the Cullens, explaining this by hunting for his surviving family members. The main characters face a difficult task.

The film saga Twilight

According to many, the plot looks quite intriguing, but so far no film company has volunteered to film this work of fans, explaining this by disputes over copyright.

Planned plot

At the present time, one can only guess whethercontinuation. "Dusk. Sunset of eternity "excited not only the fans. Many seriously interested in the plot of Part 6, in which the main character - Bella - does not cease to worry about the fate of her daughter. Renesmee, in turn, is growing incredibly fast because of its unusual features that have arisen since birth. The whole family faces the problem of choice again. The Volturi clan asks for help, which causes confusion and concern for the Cullens. About what Edward and Bella will make, one can only guess and hope for the release of "Twilight 6: The Decline of Eternity" in the very near future.

Exit Twilight 6 Sunset Eternity

Details of part 6 of the cycle

For those who expect to see on larger screensthe sixth part of the saga, there is a series of rather unpleasant news. The film studio, which officially bought out the copyrights for Mayer's novels, even if it makes an exact decision about the start of filming, will not return to the saga about vampires, explaining this is irrelevant for today's theme and, accordingly, unreasonable financial costs. In other words, the basis will be taken quite a different work.

As a basis for the sixth "twilight" may betwo novels, one of which is known to many fans, since this is an addition to the main story, but from the words of the vampire Edward, not Bella. The book is called "The Sun of Midnight". However, many argue that for the cinema this option is not interesting because Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) has already taken the foundations for a role from this work. The second novel is called "Short Life B. Tanner" - a kind of addition to the third book "Twilight". Here the story line is based on the description of the life of the girl Bree, who creates an army of newborn vampires. Many will be upset by the fact that the story does not mention the names of the beloved Edward and Bella, as well as their entire family.

The sequel to the movie Twilight

What will happen to the main characters

With the news that the sixth part of the vampire saga is coming soon, many began to wonder not only about the fact, will the continuation ("Twilight-6") in fact,but also how the actors who played the main roles, namely Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, relate to this. According to reliable sources, to the great regret of many TV viewers, the actors do not plan a return to "vampire life", as they consider this an essential step back in acting career. Each of them tries to create a new image for himself, filming in various films. Pattinson positively distinguished himself in the action movie called "Rover", in the classic melodrama "Darling Friend", as well as "Remember Me" and "Cosmopolis". In his schedule, there are many interesting adaptations.

Twilight release date

Kristen tries his hand in the genre of "art house" anddrama. A high rating of critics was the film, in which Stewart was shot, under the name "Zils Maria". Despite all this, many people hope that Summit International will try to restore the actors to their previous images, but this scenario is unlikely.

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